Hungry As A Bear: Cooking On Campus


Hello! I’m Amy Winkler, a freshman concentrating in Computer Science, and I’ll be writing about two of my favorite things,  food and Brown, for Hungry as a Bear. In this column, I’ll share all of the food related advice I have for enjoying Brown’s cuisine and getting the most out of your meal plan.

Today I’m going to talk about cooking in the dorms! Though all freshmen are on meal plan, sometimes it is nice to have a home (or dorm) cooked meal. All of the freshmen dorms have kitchens (like the one pictured above). Though there is some variety in how new the appliances are, you can make a great meal in any dorm kitchen.

First off, how do you get ingredients?  There are two supermarkets within walking distance (Whole Foods and Eastside Marketplace). Additionally, Brown students have free bus passes and you can use the bus pass to get to other supermarkets. If you aren’t looking to cook something extremely complex, there is also a CVS right next to campus.

Then, you can cook until your heart’s content! One of my friend likes to make empanadas in her dorm kitchen. Personally, I love to bake cakes for my friends’ birthdays. My RA also made us some delicious food once just for fun. Upperclassmen also sometimes have agreements where they cook and share food. Whether you have very minimal cooking skills like me or love to create delicious dishes on a regular basis, you’ll be able to continue doing so at Brown!

If you have any questions or comments about eating at Brown or anything else, send me an email at I would love to hear from you!


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