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Hey there! I’m Catherine, a member of the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) class of 2019/2023. I’ll be posting updates about the Program, the grueling application process, and my life as a Brown student in PLME. Hopefully, I can give some insight into the Brown experience, and see some prospective students on campus in the coming years!

Hello lovelies, it is good to be back after so long. I hope you all had a restful winter break while managing to stay warm!

Now that you have put your blood, sweat, and tears into your college application, I cannot stress enough: ENJOY YOUR SENIOR YEAR. My Dean who is the Head of the Program in Liberal Medical Education is hard at work reading your wonderful applications. However, until then there is nothing you can do except enjoy the last semester of high school.

To all of you who have been already accepted and those of you waiting for acceptance, know that PLME does have some requirements outside of academics. Twice a semester first years in the program must attend a Whole Patient Program Dinner at the Brown Faculty Club. At the dinners, a doctor of any given specialty will bring in a patient or patients and talk about the case. Mainly, the doctor, patient(s), and family speak on the significance of the doctor-patient relationship. The dinners are always informative and emotive. You are gifted an opportunity to hear the more personal side of medicine that can easily be forgotten while learning how to become better doctor yourself.

I consider the Whole Patient Program to be one of the many perks of PLME. I am reminded of why I applied to the Program and why I am spending so much time preparing for a goal that is at least 10 years away. Also, the bread pudding at the faculty is Da Bomb, and I never like bread pudding.

If you are coming to Brown next year in the PLME or are a PLME hopeful, be ready for a number of worthwhile formal events. PACK AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS CASUAL OUTFITS because you will not want to trek to the mall when the temperature are below zero.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Funny Gifs? Rugby Jokes? Cool New Music? Email me at or comment below! I’ll try to respond as soon as I can!


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