Office Hour: Shopping for Classes?


Welcome to Office Hour! I’m Aileen Seo, a first-year from San Diego, California and every week I’ll be sitting down with professors to talk about some of the cool things they are doing here at Brown! I’ll be writing about everything from their research to what they love most about teaching here, so stay tuned!

Colorful boxes fill your Banner course scheduler and you’re spending more time on the Critical Review than you ever thought you would. If you’re late to lecture, you’re most likely sitting at the back of the room…on the floor. It’s shopping period!

For those who are unfamiliar with “shopping” for classes, students are usually given a few weeks to “shop” classes in line with their interests without having to officially register for classes. At the end of shopping period, students officially register for the courses they are interested in taking.

Navigating office hours during this period can get a bit hectic, but speaking to professors during shopping period can really help with selecting classes. Not sure about whether you want to take the class or want an honest answer about a course’s workload? Often professors are more than willing to honestly present you with a good idea of the workload and the expectations in the class.

To name just a few benefits of going in to talk to a professor during shopping period:

1) You’ll get a much better idea of what the professor is like if you talk to them one-on-one. In large lectures, it may be hard to figure out what a professor is really like especially during the first few days of class given the commotion of introductions.

2) If you need an override, you can probably just ask. If the class is capped at 40, you may just be able to talk your way into enrolling as the 41st student. You lose nothing by asking.

3) If you do enroll, now you know where the office is! You don’t have to dread going to office hours as you know exactly where the office is and what to expect when talking to your professor individually.

And honestly, you probably won’t have to wait to speak to your professor, because in reality, most people don’t realize how useful talking to a professor during shopping period can really be!

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk, you can reach me at 




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