Brown Threads: The Ultimate Winter Weather Accessory Guide


Interested in the latest trends on the Brown college campus? Curious as to how one keeps their outfits on fleek up in the temperamental Providence weather? Don’t understand fashion at all and want a place to start? Welcome to Brown Threads – the only place to get the inside scoop on fashion at Brown! My name is Abby Espiritu, and I’m here to help you learn all about all looking chic and fabulous on campus.

Despite having lived in the Northeast for the majority of my life, I still have issues with the cold weather. Especially this past week, when temperatures even dropped down to a literally life-threatening -8 degrees, my time outside became limited to running to the nearest dining hall or meeting the Domino’s or Chinese delivery guy outside my dorm.

However, in the few instances where it was absolutely necessary to go outside (*cough, going to class), there were a few vital essentials, beyond my winter coat, that I needed to bring along to ensure my pinkies and toes didn’t freeze and fall off.

Here, I lay out the ultimate winter clothing guide to anyone who currently resides (or may eventually reside) in the middle of winter in Providence, Rhode Island:

giphy (2)

Did you know that you lose most of your body heat from your head? Therefore, hats are an indispensable accessory when braving the winter weather. Plus, look how cute Cara Delevingne looks while rocking her beanie!


If you’ve never had cold ears, let me tell you what it feels like: it’s awful. Beyond the fact that they light up red like Rudolph’s nose, they start to feel as if little elves are biting at them. While you could invest in little ear hats to cover the tips, earmuffs are a much better investment. Snug, stylish, sassy, and they’ll keep the little elves out of the way.


Scarves always have, and always will be, the quintessential winter accessory. No argument about it. Not only do they keep your neck warm, but if you invest in something long, it can double as a face mask as well!

giphy (1)

To the people who reject gloves as a practical winter precaution (“How can I use my smart phone when my fingers are covered up?!”), I offer you these two thoughts: First of all, plenty of companies have already invented “smart gloves” that are touch-screen friendly (shout out to L.L. Bean for creating my personal winter gloves). Secondly, what’s more important to you? Sending that text, or retaining the feeling in your fingers?


Two weeks ago, when it was randomly 65 degrees on campus, I expressed to my friend how upset I was that I had invested in brand new snow boots that I barely got to wear this year. Two weeks (and many snow storms) later, I’ve found a newfound gratefulness for them.

Stay warm out there, friends!

giphy (3)

Not sure what clothes pack for your next visit up to Providence? Interested in a particular style trend? Just love fashion and Brown University and want to chat? Feel free to email me at with any of your questions and concerns. Hope to see you all at Brown very soon!


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