Music to My Ears: Holiday Midnight Organ Concert

FullSizeRenderHey ya’ll! I’m Vicki: class of 2019, decidedly undecided concentration-wise (but it’s between music, neuroscience, and economics), and your blogger for the Music to My Ears column. I’ll be writing all about Brown’s diverse and bustling music scene each week, so stay tuned!

Here at Brown, we’re well into the midsts of finals (yes, I just took my neuroscience final today, and no, I don’t want to talk about it). But that also means we’re in the middle of the holiday season, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Last week, Brown’s a capella groups came together to put on the annual Holiday Midnight Organ Concert! Sleep-deprived students from all over College Hill took a welcome break from their Reading Period woes to enjoy some awesome holiday a capella performances. It was also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with friends before heading out for winter break.

The concert was held in Sayles. In lieu of chairs, students got cozy in blankets, pillows, and PJs. Song selections ran from excellently executed traditional hymns (like the Jabberwocks) to some hilarious twists on classics (the Brown’sTones sang an original version of The Twelve Days of Christmas). Groups threw some interesting items to the audience over the balcony, as well. Some highlights included twinkies, glitter, balloons, and, well, condoms.

The concert ended with an awesome full-ensemble performance. All fourteen a capella groups were joined by Devon Carter ’19 on the organ!

Altogether, definitely worth the *opportunity cost* of a few hours of studying (whoops, just casual remnants from my #economics final).

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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One thought on “Music to My Ears: Holiday Midnight Organ Concert

  1. […] Brown:  Brown can enjoy their winter break for a couple more weeks after a long semester. But just before they bid 2015 and their friends goodbye, Brown’s a capella groups came together for the annual Holiday Midnight Organ Concert in Sayles Hall. Students took a break from studying to enjoy melodious holiday a capella performances that ranged from traditional hymns to comical renditions. However, this was no ordinary concert: students cozied up in blankets and PJs instead of sitting in chairs, while glitter and Twinkies were thrown into the audience. […]

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