Student Highlight: Sarah Blunt ’17


Hey guys! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your correspondent for Student Highlight this year, a column dedicated to highlighting the scholars who attend this institution. While I’ve deduced that there’s no ‘typical’ Brown student, I hope to share a small glimpse into the wonderful and diverse individuals of this community.

4Y: Part 2 of 4.

That’s because part 1 was me! As some of you may recall, 4Y is the chamber music string quartet I play in with 3 other students. The group formed pretty seamlessly: one day, I decided to ask a friend of mine who plays the violin if he wanted to form a quartet, who asked his friend who plays the cello (Sarah), who asked her friend who plays the viola. You can say we were ~~*meant to be*~~

But all quartet stories aside, Sarah has easily made my list of top 5 people to whom I tell many things about my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sarah was actually a ’16-er but took a gap year after she realized she didn’t want to pursue a career as a cellist as she had once thought, and spent that gap year in New Mexico conducting research, at which point she realized she wanted to be a physicist. I mean, who does that? Cello to physics? It’s not something you hear about everyday. As you’ve probably inferred from all this, Sarah is a) super musically talented and b) super intelligent. I’m surprised my self-esteem has managed to stay where it is, but that’s also because humility is Sarah’s middle name (unless she’s playing the cello because let’s be real, humility and a cello’s C string are practically star-crossed lovers ).

Name: Sarah Blunt

Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY

Concentration: Physics

What classes are you taking this semester? Statistical Inference (APMA 1650), Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction (CSCI 0170), Intermediate Hebrew (JUDS 0300), Quantum Mechanics A (PHYS 1410)

Favorite class thus far? Honors Linear Algebra (MATH 0540) with Professor Frederick Fong. It was my first exposure to proof-based math, which I realized is so beautiful, and it helped me with my physics classes tremendously. It was just really fun, not to mention I had a great professor who taught well. Professor Fong was the man.

What do you do on or off campus? I’m a coordinator for Brown Science Prep, which teaches science to local high school students. We teach all types of STEM topics, usually those that aren’t taught in schools or aren’t explored in depth so the students have some exposure to different types of STEM that they wouldn’t ordinarily have elsewhere. We form really great relationships within the club and also with the students, and we write, edit, and teach the lessons totally by ourselves! I also participate in WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) as a mentor to a freshman in physics, the Meiklejohn Advising Program, and a string quartet called 4Y where I play the cello. Although not entirely Brown-affiliated, I do research in a lab based at the SETI Institute at Stanford University that focuses on direct-imaging of exoplanets

Favorite place on or around campus and study spot? My favorite study spot is Blue State Coffee on Thayer Street (also the best coffee ever) and that is also my favorite place in general.

Favorite Brown memory or experience? I don’t know if this is my favorite experience, but I had a really nice experience my first night at Brown. Everyone in my floor came and sat in the hallway, and we realized that many of us played instruments so we just spontaneously started jamming out with 15 different instruments; we called it the ‘EmWool Band’ (EmWool is a first-year dorm). One of the kids on our floor drew a picture of us and we were having lots of different artistic talents going on all at once… it was so fun!

Why Brown? I stepped onto Brown’s campus for A Day on College Hill (Brown’s Regular Decision Admitted Students Program) and I immediately felt at home. Within an hour, I called my mom and told her I was going to Brown! The people are incredibly friendly and non-assuming; I felt like every other college I was visiting, people were trying to impress me and at Brown, students just invited me into their lives. They seemed incredibly intelligent but also relaxed and interesting and funny and I really just liked the environment and the people I met.

If you could have any car, what would it be?* I would have a 2008 Mercury Mariner named Stanki, with a personality resembling that of Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.

*may or may not be based on true fact.

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