He, She, and Phe: Holidays in the Dorm


Hello prospective students, confused current students, and lost surfers of the web. Welcome to He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown, where I address your questions about the most ubiquitous aspect of college living. My name is Justin Ferenzi, and I’m here to help shine some light on the rollercoaster ride that is dorm life.

The holidays are always an exciting time: lots of cheer, decorations everywhere you go, surrounding yourself with friends and family, and socially acceptable consumerism. Your first time away from home during late November and early December might be a little strange, but there’s plenty that goes on in the dorms to tide you over until you can fly home and celebrate with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving is kind of weird, because classes don’t technically end until Wednesday afternoon and you come right back on Monday (though some people stretch this timeframe a bit.) But lots of units will do little Thanksgiving activities, like coming together to make a dinner or throwing a potluck or doing turkey-themed crafts. It always feels pretty Thanksgiving-y for the days leading up to the real holiday.

Come time for the December holidays, there’s a lot that goes on, too. It’s mostly more food-related stuff, but this time, there’s a lot of decorating that goes on. One unit got a Christmas tree; another has a giant inflatable snowman. Still another has paper menorahs for every door, and (electric) candles for Hanukkah and Kwanza. My unit hung up garland and fairy lights in the halls. “Fire hazards” aside, it’s still a really great way to get in the spirit of the season.

Students at Brown are super willing to learn about other cultures, too, so you end up learning a lot about other practices unrelated to the big December holidays. It’s a great way to learn more about where your peers and dormmates come from, and how other people live.

In all, the holidays at Brown are a really fun time, and you’ll have great experiences with the people you live with getting ready for the season. And then time will fly until the semester ends and you’re off back home, full of even more holiday spirit (boosted by the fact that the semester and finals are finally over).

This will be my last post before the winter break! Thanks so much for sticking by me during my inaugural semester blogging for the Bruin Club. I’ve really enjoyed it! See you next year, and enjoy the holidays.

When Justin Ferenzi isn’t blogging, he’s obsessively refreshing his email account for blogging-related correspondence. For any and all questions about dorm life at Brown, don’t hesitate to send a message to justin_ferenzi@brown.edu


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