Brown Threads: A Ranking of the Best Coats and Jackets to Wear in Providence



Interested in the latest trends on the Brown college campus? Curious as to how one keeps their outfits on fleek up in the temperamental Providence weather? Don’t understand fashion at all and want a place to start? Welcome to Brown Threads – the only place to get the inside scoop on fashion at Brown! My name is Abby Espiritu, and I’m here to help you learn all about all looking chic and fabulous on campus.

Up here in Brunonia, the weather’s reached the lovely mid-point between fall and winter. It’s the most fluctuating time of the year in terms of temperature. In order to combat these tricky times, jackets are an essential part of any Ivy Leaguer’s wardrobe. Here, I lay out a complete guide to the best types of outerwear to wear this fall-winter on campus.


The Jean Jacket


Pro: Similar to the leather jacket (fashionable, versatile, can be dressed up or down). A little lighter, so it’s ideal for cool 60-degree weather, and maybe the 50’s worn along with a scarf or hat.

Con: Not a lot of “jacket fat” to keep you warm. Also leaves your neck exposed. Probably shouldn’t be worn if you know you’ll be outside for a long period of time.


The Leather Jacket


Pro: Extremely fashionable, a versatile piece that can go with mostly anything. Good for either dressy or casual outfits. Can be worn in moderate temperatures (60’s) as well as colder weather (30’s) along with other accessories like scarves and hats.

Con: Not waterproof, only covers above the waistline. Usually doesn’t protect your neck area. May get kind of bulky to wear over multiple layers of shirts and sweaters.


The Rain Jacket


Pro: Waterproof! Will keep your upper body dry. Good for cool days (70’s-50’s) when it’s raining. Will also keep your neck covered and warm.

Con: Usually not as fashionable or warm. Also, depending on the type of jacket and how much hair you have, the hood may not be big enough to keep your whole head dry.

img-thing (1)

The Rain Coat


Pro: Waterproof and covers your full body! Usually very stylish and warm, with enough space to wear lots of layers underneath. Good if you aren’t feeling too confident about your base outfit (no one can see your t-shirt or dress under the coat!). Can be worn in temperatures from 60’s-30’s.

Con: A bit bulky and hard to store. When you come into a classroom and put your jacket on the floor, be wary not to lay it over any of your books, laptop or school supplies or else they’ll get extremely wet.


The Winter Jacket


Pro: Warm, stylish, covers your head, neck, arms, and chest area. You won’t need a scarf or hat. Can be worn in the cold, rain, or snow. More than enough space to wear anything from t-shirts to chunky sweaters underneath. Good for any temperature below 40-degrees.

Con: Doesn’t cover your legs. A bit bulky.


The Winter Coat


Pro: All the pros of a winter jacket, plus it covers your entire body!

Con: Bulky, can be a bit confining in the legs. Also can make a person look sort of like a sausage with some fur coming out on the top…

Not sure what clothes pack for your next visit up to Providence? Interested in a particular style trend? Just love fashion and Brown University and want to chat? Feel free to email me at with any of your questions and concerns. Hope to see you all at Brown very soon!


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