Hungry As a Bear: V-Dub Favorites

IMG_1985Hello! I’m Amy Winkler, a freshman concentrating in Computer Science, and I’ll be writing about two of my favorite things,  food and Brown, for Hungry as a Bear. In this column, I’ll share all of the food related advice I have for enjoying Brown’s cuisine and getting the most out of your meal plan. 

The Verney-Woolley Dining hall (lovingly referred to as the V-Dub by hungry Brown students) has some amazing options. The meals change regularly and there are also staple foods that you can get all of the time. What would we do if we couldn’t have Trix cereal for dinner? 

But seriously, one of my favorite things to get any time of the day is a Belgian waffle. The V-Dub has a make-your-own waffle bar allday. You can put delicious toppings on like strawberries, syrup, or even ice-cream. If you’re in a rush you can get a to-go box and nosh on your waffle all day.

Chicken Finger Friday is a huge Brown tradition that happens at the V-Dub. As the name suggests, every Friday for lunch the VDubserves chicken fingers. Since I’ve come to Brown, I haven’t missed going to one yet. You can get honey mustard and/or ketchup on top and dig in. And of course, there are always healthy options like the salad bar to balance everything out. 

If you have any questions or comments about eating at Brown or anything else, send me an email at I would love to hear from you!


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