Snapshots of Brown: Halloween


Do you long for new pictures of Brown’s campus to look at on a regular basis? Well look no further! My name is Brianna Lambert and I’ll be bringing you weekly photos depicting the life of a Brown student with Snapshots of Brown.

Boo! Were you scared? Ok, probably not, but maybe you were scared this last weekend since it was Halloween. Brown students take Halloween very seriously. In fact, we take it so seriously that we’ve extended the holiday to encompass a whole week (Halloweek) instead of just one day. While I didn’t participate in the whole week (I do have work I should do or something like that), I did go to a couple of events on Halloween. Read on below to see some spooky things that happened on campus!


One of the biggest campus sponsored events was the Halloween Extravaganza. Almost every floor of the campus center was filled with some sort of Halloween themed activity event. There was face painting, tarot card reading, a costume contest, and scary movies. There was also a station to make your own stuffed bear. Stuffed animals aren’t really scary or Halloween themed, but they were too cute to pass up. Another perk of the event (and really any Brown sponsored event) was the free food! All of Petteruti Lounge was filled with desserts, while the Underground had dinner food. Just outside of the campus center was an inflatable corn maze, complete with a creepy dose of fog.


The Halloween Extravaganza wasn’t the only thing that happened on campus on Saturday. The annual midnight organ concert, an ever popular tradition at Brown, also happened on Halloween. In addition to that, there were multiple comedy shows and arch sings by the a cappella groups on campus!

Brown’s Halloween spirit is pretty over the top, but it makes for a great time!


Have certain things about Brown you would like to see? Send me an email at and I’ll make sure to snap a pic of it!



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