Blogside Manner: The Aftermath


Hey there! I’m Catherine, a member of the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) class of 2019/2023. I’ll be posting updates about the Program, the grueling application process, and my life as a Brown student in PLME. Hopefully, I can give some insight into the Brown experience, and see some prospective students on campus in the coming years!


You have all presumably survived Halloween and you EDer’s have applied to college! For those of you awaiting Regular Decision remember, you too will survive.

Now, what is there to do after the application? So much time was spent building up to an all important deadline that has suddenly past. What to do, what to do? You could wring your hands for the next few weeks until decision day. You could talk about nothing else besides your application to the annoyance of family and friends. But, at the end of the day there is nothing to do; you just have to wait.

Senior year is a pretty special time. It moves by very fast, especially after winter break. Soon, you and your family and your friends could be separated by thousands of miles. Before you can even process, you are at graduation, walking the stage, and turning the tassel.

Value this time between submitting your application and waiting for the decision. Be present and experience your senior year for whatever it is. Ideally, high school is not going to be the best time of your life because high school is a really early time in your life to peak. However, make the end of high school fun. Of course you have to think about the near future and college, but avoid letting college dictate your life. When so much of the college application process is beyond your control, worrying in excess is futile.

Take a week off from the anxiety driven college frenzy and TREAT YO SELF! You’ve done good, you’ve done real good.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Funny Gifs? Rugby Jokes? Cool New Music? Email me at or comment below! I’ll try to respond as soon as I can!


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