Hungry As A Bear: Paninis and Pho and Pizza, Oh My!

paniniHello!  I’m Amy Winkler, a freshman concentrating in Computer Science, and I’ll be writing about two of my favorite things,  food and Brown, for Hungry as a Bear. In this column, I’ll share all of the food related advice I have for enjoying Brown’s cuisine and getting the most out of your meal plan. 

Today I’m going to talk about Andrews Commons, one of my favorite places to grab food on campus. Andrews is a staple in most freshmen diets, especially those who live on the Pembroke side of campus (like me!). Upperclassmen also eat here because the food is more varied (and, in my opinion, better) than what you can get at the main dining halls. Andrews Commons takes both meal credits and points and is open from 11pm-2am every day of the week. Whether you want brunch on a Sunday, a study snack during the week, or anything in between, Andrews has you covered.

There are tons of different options at Andrews. After 5pm there are paninis (pictured above). You get to customize almost everything about your panini, from bread (naan or sourdough), to spread (avocado, chipotle cream cheese, etc.) and meat or veggies. Also, on weekdays for lunch there is always Pho, a great soup dish. You can get chicken, beef, or Tofu and different kinds of veggies. My friend and I get Pho every Friday and, for alliterative purposes, we call it Pho Phriday. As it gets colder, I know I will enjoy having it to warm me up. There is also pizza at Andrews all the time. You can get two slices, a fruit or chips, and a drink for one meal credit. The flavors change regularly, so you’ll always have a new kind to try. Since coming to Brown, I’ve had a meal at Andrews almost every day, and there’s still more food for me to try!

If you have any questions or comments about eating at Brown or anything else, send me an email at I would love to hear from you!


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