The Extras: Why I Joined A Sorority At Brown


Hi Brunonians! My name is Sydney Munro and I’m a new writer here for The Extras. My job is to inform you guys about the amazing extracurriculars we have to offer at Brown. I’m part of a few extras around campus, including Kappa Delta Sorority and the Brown Equestrian team. I hope something catches your interest, there is certainly a myriad of things to choose from! 

It doesn’t take much analysis upon arrival to Brown to understand that it is not what you would typically call a Greek school. That statement is both factually, and aesthetically, perpetuated. There is a very small percentage of students who are involved in Greek life, with myself  being one of them. So, you may ask, why join?

What is so amazing about Brown is that it is fundamentally an open and accepting environment. It is thus through the special nature of Brown that, in my experience, Kappa Delta seems to transcend the traditional stereotypes associated with sorority life, leaving its members rather with a small community of interesting, diverse, and dedicated girls. I am certainly not the first or only member of Kappa Delta (KD) to say that I did not come to Brown to join a sorority, but found myself attracted to it because of its unique place and affect in the Brown community. In this post I will explore a bit my own experience with Kappa Delta sorority at Brown, and try to describe how becoming a part of a sorority has become an integral part of my life at Brown in the most unexpected of ways.

Meet More Freshman:

As a frosh, meeting new people seems to always be a priority. We want to introduce ourselves to the broadest coalition of people so that we may find people that we click with. In my experience, sorority recruitment was was one of the most exciting and unexpected facilitators of this, well, friend speed dating. What’s so unique about meeting people during these recruitment events is that you’re all in this process together, and you are required to visit and show interest in every sorority. Throughout my own recruitment process, I met an unbelievably diverse group of girls; yet what brought us together was our mutual interest in meeting new people and becoming a part of another community within the larger Brown atmosphere.

Social Scene/Community: 

Sororities, nevertheless, have a social aspect to them. What I have found so great in my experience is that while Greek life is far from consuming or overwhelming in the social sphere, you can always be sure that your sorority (or fraternity!) will have something for you to take part in. Whether its mixers, formals, or sisterhood bonding events, there always seems to be an activity that helps you get involved, get friendly, and get fun! If you need a little break from exam prep, or just want to hang out with friends and watch a flick, you can be sure that your sorority has got your back. This access can be especially comforting when your still navigating through your first year. So, regardless of what your interests are, a sorority serves as a a community of girls that want to be involved. As is relates to Kappa Delta, our community ideals stress charity, which culminate into very exciting fundraising events around campus that gets us all involved in something special.

Resources and Leadership: 

While I will not speak on the unique resources of every sorority/fraternity on campus, I can quickly talk about those in Kappa Delta that I have found most inspiring and helpful. Within the larger sorority are divisions with their own respective leadership positions to help advance and enhance our own health and the values of our organization. These include but aren’t limited to: mental health resources, Academic excellence committee (which provides tutoring, etc. within the sorority), and peer support. Personally, I love the idea of having all of these resources at my disposal within a smaller community, making anything you need seem more accessible and easy. In addition to reaping the personal benefits of these resources, it is also a fun and easy way to get involved yourself.

In all, in my experience a sorority has effectively introduced me to so many inspiring and driven girls. While mixers and formals are certainly an added, and fun, benefit, the most important part of being in a sorority for me has been feeling like I am a part of an organization on campus that strives for excellence and charity.

This was my first post for the Bruin Club blog, I’m very excited to continue to share with you some more about the amazing extracurriculars Brown has to offer! Please feel free to email me with any question, concerns, or suggestions. at Thanks for reading!




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