The Economista: Worth the Wallet Woes?

unnamed-3Welcome to The Economista! Brought to you by your first-year blogger/money-savvy best friend Karine Liu, The Economista is a blog for the budget-conscious Brunonian; check back here each week for the tips and tricks that’ll have you rolling in your own sea of green out on the Main Green in no time!

Hello, Brunonia! This past week has proven a busy one for all–and potential (lookin’ at you, ADOCHers)– Brunonians. In the hub-bub of dance shows, club parties, and the opening of an new student-run coffee shop (that is quite literally Underground), it can be daunting to decide if and when to dish out the green. This is when the Economista comes to the rescue: here’s my advice on where to save and where to splurge!

SPLURGE: Shows/performances feat. your besties

Remember when you perused the Activities Fair, eagerly talking to XYZ club and signing up for every single dance group at Brown (hint: there are many)? Well, while you might’ve become just a ghost member locked into listservs, it’s likely that your friends have joined and worked hard in their clubs and are holding fun end-of-the-year events: go to them! Show your buddies some love and attend whatever they’ve been tirelessly laboring over until 3 am in the morning. Hearing you scream their names while they Bhangra their heart out will definitely win you some bonus points in the pal department.

SAVE: Vendor food (i.e. it ain’t free)

Food, or really anything that’s being sold at various events that roll around during the school year, is really where you should pocket your cash. Especially if you already paid for the shindig, save some change by eating at the Ratty or the Vdub before hand. That being said…

SPLURGE: Get Underground Coffee – just once.

Although a recommendation of the new Underground Coffee Shop that’s coming from an Economista rather than Barista, I’d like to think that if even I can taste and love the difference, the coffee must be THAT GOOD. And for $2 (yep, points/meal credits are unfortunately not accepted), you can get coffee that’s sourced from local artisanal coffee provider Dave’s Coffee. Although I can’t vouch for the teas, I’m sure they’d also be a refreshing break from the usual Blue Room/Tazo lineup!

SAVE: But remember, you can always skip the caffeine and just sleep.

2 more hours of sleep is 2 dollars saved.

And finally:


As we enter the final days of the semester, it’s come to the point when you should REALLY check your meal credits and/or points. Make sure that you aren’t left with +100 credits/points or with 0 before the days run out! And if you’re looking for a way to increase your swipes, there are always hungry upperclassmen who will happily eat at the Ratty a million times if necessary.

And there you have it: some recommendations from your devoted fan (of you and of the Benjamins). I hope that with these tips, my readers are well-prepared for their one never-ending final: the test of personal finances!

(OK, I’ll stop).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for any topics you’d like to see covered by The Economista, email me at! See you next week!


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