A Fresh View: A Spring Weekend Filled with Sun and Smiles

IMG_2009Hello friends! I am Yuzuka Akasaka, the ineffably ecstatic first-year blogger for A Fresh View. As I happily stumble through the beautiful hot mess that is the first chapter of my college life, I hope y’all will enjoy the Brown experience with me through the blog posts. I am sending love and good vibes to every single one of you from my new home, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Last weekend was my first Spring Weekend! The weather was absolutely beautiful-even though I get cold very easily, I was able to wear shorts Thursday through Saturday. The weather forecast had been iffy, as Brown Concert Agency (the main student group responsible for organizing Spring Weekend- https://brownconcertagency.wordpress.com) was considering having the concert indoors in case it rained, but the sun miraculously stayed for the whole weekend. I had no idea what to expect, but the weekend turned out to be exactly what I needed: it served as a wonderful de-stressor, gave me opportunities to spend time with my friends and make new friends, and allowed me to soak in the sun.

My friends and I enjoyed eating delicious donuts off of a string at the SPEC Carnival.

The fun began on Thursday with the SPEC Carnival: there was free food, inflatable obstacle courses/bounce houses, a mechanical food, music, games, face-painting, and student group performances. I almost didn’t go, as I thought I should spend that time completing work before Spring Weekend, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Waka Flocka Flame’s performance was very hype.

On Friday, I felt antsy the whole day in anticipation for the concert that evening. I ended up being able to watch all acts. Yeasayer, Waka Flocka Flame, and Hudson Mohawk performed that day. I think my favorite act was Waka because he knew how to hype up the crowd. Before he went on stage, he walked behind friends and I, but we only realized that too later after he passed by us. During Hudson Mohawk’s act, the stage was dark the whole time, so I along with several other friends were confused and thought that he was very late, as he was not visible. When I returned to my room, I realized that my shoes were caked in mud. Fortunately, I had worn shoes that I could wash, as my Meiklejohn (peer advisor for first-year students), had suggested me to wear “shoes that you don’t care about.”

On Saturday, my friends and I arrived an hour or so after the concert began, when Kelela was playing. Pusha T and Modest Mouse performed after her. Modest Mouse’s performance was so wonderful live! Near the end of Modest Mouse’s act, the sun went down and it got chilly, so my friends and I headed back to our dorms to rest and warm up.

This relaxing afternoon with Dave Binder was the perfect end to Spring Weekend. To be honest, he may have been my favorite performer.

Sunday was another beautiful day. The official Spring Weekend concerts had ended, but Dave Binder performed in the afternoon (http://blogdailyherald.com/2013/04/18/spring-weekend-artist-profile-dave-binder/). My friend and I sat on a blanket and basked in the sun as we enjoyed his performance. Personally, he was my favorite artist of the weekend.

I absolutely loved Spring Weekend, and it was a great de-stressor before the impending doom that is finals. I now feel ready to focus on the last few weeks of school.


Yuzuka Akasaka

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my next blog post, feel free to email me at yuzuka_akasaka@brown.edu. Have a lovely day!


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