Blogside Manner: PLME Perspectives Part V

From Organic Chemistry I, the second and last chemistry class mandatory for PLMEs

Hello! I’m Lulu, a member of the PLME class of 2018/2022, and I am the writer for Blogside Manner. In this column, I will talk about the ins and outs of PLME life at Brown and, of course, the dreaded application process. Whether or not you decide to ultimately apply for PLME, I hope to help provide you with a better sense of what Brown is all about! Now that decisions are out and you all have celebrated your successes, it’s time to really think about where you want to go. Here is another PLME prospective to help give you guys a sense of what it’s like at Brown! How do you like Brown so far? I love it; Brown is amazing! People here are very nice. Brown is actually really similar to my high school in that there is a lot of diversity. Brown is really open to ideas and people take the time to listen to your ideas. Even if they don’t agree with you, they will still listen instead of just argue their position. I really feel Brown is a great fit for me because of this fantastic atmosphere. What have been your favorite PLME experiences? Definitely the Whole Patient program. It is really nice because it gives you a prospective from the patients and what they’re looking for in a doctor. A lot of the doctors who came to visit not only worked in the US but also all around the world. They talked about how they don’t have the advanced equipment and medicine available in the US but can still provide good treatment to show how compassion goes a long way in treatment. In the US we tend to forget patients have human needs since we are very technologically advanced and doctors usually don’t have time to interact meaningfully with their patients. Hearing the patient’s prospective is really nice because it helps remind us that patients are not just the diseases or disorders they carry. Also, you meet a lot of cool people during Whole Patient! How have you been taking advantage of being a PLME? I’m doing biomedical engineering, which is one of the most time consuming concentrations at Brown; if I wasn’t a PLME, I probably would probably be in a generic pre-med concentration like biology. Since I am a PLME, I felt I could really concentrate in anything I want, so I took engineering courses. This is really nice because it gives me exposure to both the world of medicine and the world of engineering. It also takes the stress off worrying about grades; I’m not taking anything S/NC this semester, but I definitely will. There are lots of nice programs like the summer abroad programs but also great research grants that allow you to work here at Brown with professors. And you have free food sometimes! Bonding! What advice would you give prospective PLMEs? For people who are choosing between schools, they should really remember that choosing PLME is also choosing a more stress free four years of college that will let you more fully enjoy college. The environment is a lot better because a lot of places have very cutthroat pre-meds, which don’t really exist at Brown. Because of that, I feel like people here are a lot closer. For people who are coming to PLME, go enjoy a concentration that will make you happy. Take advantage of the open-curriculum but also the freedom of PLME; combined, you can take literally anything you want, which is a luxury most people don’t have. Relax and have fun! A huge thanks to my interviewee, and for all of you who have been invited, COME TO ADOCH! Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below! I’ll make sure to respond as soon as I can!


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