Snapshots of Brown: Ivy Policy Conference


Welcome to Snapshots of Brown, your destination for pics of Brown all year long! I’m Celina Stewart, and I’ll be bringing you little photo insights into my third year on Brown’s campus. What’s up this week? Let’s take a look… 

So, you’re thinking about applying to Ivy League schools, and probably planning to apply to more than one if you’re thinking about Brown. You probably know about student council or student government, which is active at every school (shout out to UCS at Brown!). What about inter-Ivy Student Council? Wondering if you’ll ever see those friends heading off to Harvard or Princeton while you’re at Brown? Worry no more! The Ivy Council has you covered. For the past year, I have been working on Brown’s Ivy Council executive board, helping to prepare Brown’s Ivy Council delegation for the Ivy Leadership Summit (held in October, this year at Cornell University), and the Ivy Policy Conference (going on now at Brown!). These events bring together students from each of the Ivy League schools to network, discuss topics relevant to our campuses, and discuss policy changes that should be implemented across the Ivy League.

The Ivy Policy Conference has brought together approximately 70 students from across the Ivy League (sorry UPenn and Dartmouth this year), to discuss policy and hold elections for next year’s Ivy Council leadership. Because we function as a student government body, this is the main opportunity we have to talk about policies at our respective school and learn from one another. This year’s conference theme is Community Engagement, and we have organized panels on everything from alumni interaction to visions for the communities surrounding our schools, to de-mystifying the Ivy League and creating Safe Spaces on campus.

I think the most incredible part of being in the Ivy Council is getting a huge reminder of why I chose to attend the school I did- to be surrounded with incredible people doing incredible things with their lives. Our lunch panel of Brown students included students working for organizations focused on mentoring refugee youth in Providence, creating sustainable, healthy housing solutions, working for environmental solutions with the United Nations, and one student who was featured just last week in the New York Times for his efforts to increase engagement with the first generation population at Ivy League schools. Hearing each of their stories, and then reflecting on my own engagement with each of my communities and desires, reminded me how lucky I am to be able to attend school with and contribute to conversations with these students.

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