A Fresh View: Reflecting on a Year Ago and Now

My parents and I posed by the bear statue at A Day on College Hill (ADOCH-the admitted students event in April) last year.
My parents and I posed by the bear statue at A Day on College Hill (ADOCH-the admitted students event in April) last year.

Hello friends! I am Yuzuka Akasaka, the ineffably ecstatic first-year blogger for A Fresh View. As I happily stumble through the beautiful hot mess that is the first chapter of my college life, I hope y’all will enjoy the Brown experience with me through the blog posts. I am sending love and good vibes to every single one of you from my new home, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Congratulations to those who received acceptance letters two weeks ago! For those who have visited/will visit: welcome to Brown! When I saw my younger friends’ social media posts about their acceptances, I began to reminisce about my experiences with the college admissions process. Reflecting on my life then and now, so much has changed. In honor of one year passing since I was accepted to Brown, I’d like to share why I decided to commit to Brown.

I was very surprised that I was accepted because I felt that Brown was completely out of my reach, and in too cold of an environment. Also, I had no idea where Rhode Island was. However, from that fateful day that I received my acceptance letter, I think my heart felt set on attending Brown, though my brain still had to weigh several factors. My journey of deciding on which place to call my future home for four years began when I joined several admitted students Facebook groups. I personally enjoyed the interactions that I had with the other admitted students in the Brown group, and several of my friends here are people I met through Facebook. Brown’s admitted students event, A Day on College Hill (ADOCH), made me understand that it was the right school for me, which I realized after interacting with current students, faculty, and my potential future peers. I felt absolutely confident in my decision after visiting two schools, Brown being one of them. I finally decided to commit to Brown after a month of careful deliberation because after seeing the colleges I was accepted to and attending admitted students events, I felt that it was the best fit. When I texted my parents a few weeks ago that a year had passed since I had been accepted, they responded by asking if I felt that I had made the right decision. Without hesitation, I replied that I am very happy that I decided to come here. Even though I have an aversion to the cold, and Providence had one of its worst winters this year, I cannot imagine attending another school. I am so thankful for the people I’ve met, the classes I’ve taken, the opportunities I’ve been given, and the conversations I’ve had.

I cannot believe that this year has flown by and I am about a month away from the end of my first year of college. Though I am anxious about my freshman year ending, I am incredibly excited for what my future years will bring me. I’m also super excited to meet the incoming class!

To my high school student readers: hang in there. The last bit of high school can be tough, but cherish your time with your friends, teachers, and family.


Yuzuka Akasaka

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my next blog post, feel free to email me at yuzuka_akasaka@brown.edu. Have a lovely day!


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