The Extras: Cornerstone Magazine

The joyous faces behind Cornerstone Magazine!

Hello, Brunonian family! I’m Jacklyne Vargas, nice to meet you all *insert imaginary handshake here*! I’m here to be your compass (well, that sounds heavy, doesn’t it?) in everything extracurricular here at Brown. If you’re reading this, send help you are a magnetic force of your own and I’m simply helping you figure out what attracts you. In all The Extras, in all the magnetic forces here at Brown, you can easily be pulled in countless directions, but I’m here to help! If anything, we’ll go crazy together…

Did you know that not all the writing and reading we do at Brown is assigned?  *gasp* Though it may seem as if all the writing we do here is that of academic papers, Brown students also have the opportunity to write outside of class in multiple publications. One of these is Cornerstone Magazine!

What is Cornerstone you may ask? Here is a description they have so aptly provided for the public: “The Cornerstone Magazine is a publication seeking to celebrate the beauty of the Christian Gospel. We wish, first and foremost, to engage Brown students and faculty members by provoking spiritual thought in and around Brown’s and RISD’s campuses, embracing the diversity of Christian doctrine and scripture. We are open to all denominational persuasions and wish to provide a literary and artistic outlet for followers of Christ.”

Besides publishing articles about Christianity and faith, Cornerstone also regularly updates their blog, showcases students’s artwork and publishes student-written fiction/non-fiction/poetry. Through these varied mediums, any Brown student has the ability to express themselves, their thoughts on faith or thoughts about life while on Brown’s campus freely.  Now, I know some of you readers may not identify with any religion or any system of faith, but I’ve found that the people at Cornerstone are very warm, accepting and willing to understand and listen to others. That said, the pieces that they write or display reflect that very same open and welcoming nature.

Though I admit I am likely biased on my opinion given that I have friends that are part of the staff but personally, I have found that virtually everyone that is part of Cornerstone (regardless if they are editors, photographers, writers, etc.) are all very passionate in making Cornerstone a quality publication that can speak to and resonate within all, not just individuals who identify with a certain religion.

In speaking to some of my friends that are part of Cornerstone, I learned that many of them have never been published before and were never necessarily inclined to write or participate in crafting publications. However, through Cornerstone, they were taught how to write and edit, express and communicate their thoughts clearly, along with other skills.

Most importantly, they were introduced to a community of multifaceted individuals that are trustworthy, reliable and who care for one another and for the campus populous as a whole.

If you’d like to indulge your curiosity, check out Cornerstone’s Facebook page and website!

As always, all my love.


Don’t hesitate to leave any questions, comments, frustrations, tirades, rants, chocolates, inquiries or suggestions (I’d love your input) either below or in my email,! I’m seriously excited to interact with you all… Seriously. Have a delightful day!


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