The Economista: The Spring in Your Step


Welcome to The Economista! Brought to you by your first-year blogger/money-savvy best friend Karine Liu, The Economista is a blog for the budget-conscious Brunonian; check back here each week for the tips and tricks that’ll have you rolling in your own sea of green out on the Main Green in no time!

Howdy, folks! I hope you’re all enjoying the first few days of April and the first few weeks of spring (which often meant snow in Providence; you gotta love that New England weather). As we’re vacuum-packing away our winter jackets and dusting off our long-neglected sunglasses, we’re also itching to spend as much time outside and getting our Vitamin D as much as possible. So, as your ever-devoted Economista, here’s a quick guide on ways to enjoy the warmer weather at Brown for the low, low cost of free:

  1. Walk/run/skip/hop/dance/strut/or simply be outside.

Remembering those days when you literally did not leave a building the entire day because it was so cold, you have the opportunity now to enjoy sunny days and 60-degree weather. Make the most of it! Take a walk from Andrews to Giddings House and revel in the fact that you aren’t wearing about seven different layers.

  1. Have a picnic at Prospect Terrace Park.

Located about a ten-minute walk from Faunce, Prospect Terrace Park is a gorgeous little haven on the hill. With a statue of Roger Williams, the first governor of Rhode Island, and a scenic view of Provi’s skiline, it’s the best spot for a picnic. Surround yourself with food, friends, nature, and history!

  1. Contemplate life on the Quiet Green.

Known for its tranquility so close to the Main Green, the Quiet Green is perfect both for mulling over your deepest philosophical quandaries to watching your favorite season of Friends again on Netflix. Lamposts thankfully have outlets, and you’re also within range of Brown’s Wifi. Nature is so convenient.

  1. Walk to the dining hall you rarely go to. You’ll be surprised.

As a West Andrewsian and devoted Pembroke Campus-er, it is the rare occasion for me to go to the Ratty, which is all the way over by Keeney Quad. Yet as the weather’s been improving, I’ve found myself wanting to eat there more often – and the food is better than what I remembered. Plus, there is the Ivy Room, which has falafel to rival East Side Pockets and smoothies that, at least to me, are on par with the Blue Room. And if you’re in Keeney, try the V-dub: we have waffles, and that’s really all you need.

  1. Get lost – in Providence.

No-longer icy roads and warm temperatures are the perfect ingredients for trips into downtown Providence. Explore RISD – among the RISD Museum, the Fleet Library, the RISD Store, RISD 2nd Life, etc., there is oodles for you to see. Or sit on a bench at Burnside Park, and take a moment to watch the river float on by.

So, I hope that these ideas are enough to kickstart your outside adventures that’ll definitely be the much-needed pick-me-up after this long, long winter. Get some rays out there, Brunonia!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for any topics you’d like to see covered by The Economista, email me at! See you next week!


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