The Question: What is ADOCH?


Are you curious about Brown and what it will be like when you get there? Do you want to know more about what the Brown experience is all about? The Question has the answer to all of your inquisitions and uncertainties. Brought to you by first year student, Snap Chat enthusiast, and Long Island native Sam Savello, this blog section will fill you in on everything you should expect when coming to Brown. 

So you know about the people, the classes, and the door rooms. But you’re probably still curious about Brown and everything it has to offer. Perhaps you want to come visit, or maybe you already have visited. But the best way to get a feel for what Brown is like is going to ADOCH.

What is ADOCH, you may ask?! Well, that’s a wonderful question. ADOCH, or A Day on College Hill, is the best possible way for prospective students to figure out if Brown is right for them. Between the activities, mixers, classes, and events, ADOCH allows you to meet the Brown community, get exposed to life at Brown and get to know some other prospective students.

 When is ADOCH?

ADOCH is from April 21 to April 23… Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s two nights and three days jam packed with activities and fun events!

What do you do during ADOCH?

During ADOCH, you can basically do whatever you want to do. When you arrive on the first day, you are assigned to your host and get to know some people in the building you are staying in, including other prospective students and current students. After that, you are free to attend whatever activities are on your schedule for the next three days, which include attending classes, info sessions, trivia bowls, talent shows, mixers and other events which run from early in the morning to late at night. You decide what you want to do and where you want to go, but you will always be able to ask ADOCH volunteers on campus for help getting places or advice as to which events to attend.

Where do you stay?

You will stay with you assigned host in their dorm room for the night. Since you will be occupied with events for most of the day and the majority of the night, you will mostly only be coming in the room to sleep. It’s great because you get a sense of what the dorms will be like without spending an extensive amount of time there.

How is ADOCH helpful?

ADOCH is really helpful because it helps you get to know the kind of people you will be surrounding yourself with for the next four years. Getting exposure to the classes and people at Brown will help you get a sense of what the Brown experience is like. Should you decide to come to Brown, ADOCH will be an accurate portrayal of what the academic and social environment will be like.

What if I can’t go to ADOCH?

If you can’t come to ADOCH, don’t fret! You can still visit campus another time and check things out. While there will not be planned events or lots of other prospective students, you will still be able to meet students and get a sense of what Brown will be like.

Sooooo…. Even if you can’t go to ADOCH, at least now you know what people are talking about when. If you have the opportunity to go, definitely come and check it out. It’s a blast and I promise it will be worth it!

Do you have any other questions about what to expect at Brown? Email me at for more information and answer to your question.


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