The Bear Necessities: Spring and Self


Hi there Brunonians! My name is Michelle Zabat, a friendly first-year from marvelous Michigan. From fitness to food to fun ways to feel your best, The Bear Necessities is here to give you the inside scoop on staying healthy and happy here at Brown. 

Today’s cover photo is in black and white, because winter is finally a thing of the past… At least it looks like it… At least we hope…

All weather-related joking aside, I am so happy that it finally seems like Spring is coming around! There’s still tons of snow on the ground since so much accumulated the past few weeks, but the piles are slowly shrinking and the telltale flooded sidewalks are heralding the coming of warmth. Hopefully this is a trend that’s here to stay and not just a fluke, because I am completely ready for a change.

I really do think that weather has a strong effect on how you feel and what you do–trust me, I’m serious! When it’s bitterly cold out, gets dark at 4 PM, and is windy enough to whip a winter beanie right off of your head, it’s hard to want to do much more than huddle under a blanket and sip tea all day (or at least that’s what I do). I’ll admit that there has been more than one occasion on which I decided to forego attending an event because it was simply too cold outside.

One of the things that I notice most about my behavior in the winter is that I tend to not move as much. Exercise in college is an essential part of dealing with stress, staying healthy, and keeping happy, so if the cold curbs your workouts, it really does affect your mood! Luckily, the gym in Keeney Quad is super close to my room. I’ve been able to keep up with my routine with just a painful 30-second sprint to endure to and from the gym. But after so many months of the same machines and weights over and over, I’m ready for a new challenge.

Better weather means so many more options. Take a walk to India Point Park! Familiarize yourself with downtown Providence by running the streets there! Personally, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is finding the biking/running paths and trails that I’ve heard whispers about throughout the winter. I’m not sure where they are or how to get there just yet, but hopefully when the ground thaws in a few weeks I’ll figure that out.

How do you guys like to stay active, happy and healthy? Any questions about maintaining these things at Brown? I’d love to hear from you!


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