Blogside Manner: A Few More Things to Sweeten the Deal

Another picture of the Alpert Medical School.
Another picture of the Alpert Medical School.

Hello! I’m Lulu, a member of the PLME class of 2018/2022, and I am the writer for Blogside Manner. In this column, I will talk about the ins and outs of PLME life at Brown and, of course, the dreaded application process. Whether or not you decide to ultimately apply for PLME, I hope to help provide you with a better sense of what Brown is all about!

Hello all! If you are in the New England area, I hope you have been enjoying the pretty nice weather that has been happening recently. Today I will be writing about a few of the opportunities that I have not yet covered over the past few weeks, so stick with me!

One of the things that PLMEs are active in is an extracurricular club called the Community Health Advocacy Program (CHAP). Any Brown student can join, but the club has especially strong ties with PLME program and is sponsored by the head PLME dean as well as the medical school. This is an excellent club for getting involved in the health of the local community, and there are a variety of community service projects that you could join as a member of CHAP. Their main project is to teach children of all ages about how to stay healthy, though they are involved in other things such as the food bank.

The Medicine in Action Program (MIAP) is another lesser-known opportunity available to medical students and PLMEs. It is basically a program that makes it easy to shadow a local physician or even a Brown alum practicing in another state; you just give them some information, and they even handle the initial contacting for you. If you are into medicine as much as I am, then this is an amazing opportunity, because what’s cooler than having behind the scenes access to a bunch of hospitals and getting to watch real procedures and physician-patient interactions? Not a whole lot.

Finally, PLMEs have access to grant money specific to the PLME program for summer research. The Summer Research Assistantships (SRAs) are for people interested in conducting bio-medical research with any Brown faculty member or emergency medicine research at a Brown affiliated hospital. The SRA is a $3500 stipend that helps sponsor a 10-week project, so if you are interested in some hands-on work in medical research, this is a fantastic opportunity available to just the PLMEs.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below! I’ll make sure to respond as soon as I can!


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