He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown: Housing Lottery Part 2

7204804710_876db31912_zMachado House

Hi there! I’m Seunglee Lee, a first year blogger for He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown. For nervous freshmen, including myself, nothing is more exiting yet intimidating than prospects of dorm life. As I navigate through all the fun, hectic and hilarious experiences dorm life at Brown has to offer, I hope to share them with you and hopefully convince you that Brown is the place to be.

Like I mentioned last time, there are other ways to find housing for next year than entering the housing lottery. They often focus on attracting certain types of people, usually based on their interests, hobbies and talents. Here are some of the options:

 Joining a sorority/fraternity:

  • Fraternities and sororities begin the “rush” process around late January. Each Greek house holds open houses and information sessions. It’s difficult to miss the flyers all over the campus. Greek houses are located in the Wriston Quad right next to the Ratty, the campus’ main dining hall. Around 400 people are part of the Brown Greek System overall.

Theme houses:

  • These include Buxton International House, Harambee House, Social Action House, St. Anthony Hall, Technology House, and West House (Environmental House). Harambee House is for those interested in African culture, and St. Anthony is a national, coed literary fraternity for those passionate about literature and learning. The others are pretty self-explanatory by name.

Language houses:

  • Both the French and Hispanic Houses are located in Machado House, arguably one of the most beautiful houses on campus. The house is open to students interested in the French/Spanish language and culture. Members are encouraged to converse in French/Spanish with one another, but fluency in the language is not necessarily a requirement.

Becoming an RPL:

  • By becoming a residential peer leader (Residential Counselor, Women’s Peer Counselor, Minority Peer Counselor, or Community Assistant for upperclassmen), one is guaranteed a single. The application process begins around January. See my earlier post on RPLs and what they do!

Special Interest Housing:

  • Before the lottery group formation begins, Residential Life (Reslife) asks students whether they would like to live in a substance-free, quiet, all-girls, or gender-neutral hall. If a student applies for one of those options, Reslife randomly places that person into one of the designated halls. The student has the option of accepting the offer or declining and entering the lottery.

For all these options except for special interest housing, which is coordinated by Reslife, students must apply and become accepted. Once they declare their intention to join a program house, they must forfeit their spot in the Housing Lottery.

For those who wish to learn more about these options, check out this link:


Until next time,


Do you have any questions or comments? Shoot me an email at seung_lee_lee@brown.edu and I’ll get back to you!


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