The Question: What are Brown Dorms Like?


Are you curious about Brown and what it will be like when you get there? Do you want to know more about what the Brown experience is all about? The Question has the answer to all of your inquisitions and uncertainties. Brought to you by first year student, Snap Chat enthusiast, and Long Island native Sam Savello, this blog section will fill you in on everything you should expect when coming to Brown. 

So you already have sense of what the people will be like and an understanding of what the classes will be like, but you still have no idea what the dorming will be like. Will you be living in a dungeon style 4 by 4…. or a palatial suite with satin curtains? Will you have a single or a double? Will your dorm be close to the Main Green…or super far away?

Lucky for you, you won’t be sleeping in a dungeon your freshman year… although some dorms may not be too far off. (Just kidding!) You also won’t be sleeping in a palace either… although some rooms come pretty close with their built in sinks and walk in closets. In terms of whether you will get a single or a double, you’re roughly 95% certain to get a double. The other 5% are randomly assigned singles. As for the main green, you could be close to it or you could be a little bit further, depending on your dorm.

So what exactly is the dorm situation like, you may ask? Let’s explore the different options!

Pembroke vs. Keeney

Freshman housing is broken up into two separate areas called Pembroke and Keeney, which are on two different sides of campus. Keeney consists of three buildings, Jameson. Everett and Archibald, which are interconnected in a square with a courtyard in the middle. It’s closer to both libraries and the Ratty (the main dining hall) and extremely close to main green.

While Jameson, Everett, and Archibald differ to some extent in color scheme, layout and the types of dorm rooms, they are all relatively similar and are a nice place to live, especially due to recent renovations. Equipped with fifth floor lounges and kitchens and spacious rooms, Keeney provides a positive atmosphere for you to spend your freshman year living in.

Pembroke is further from the main green and therefore across campus from Keeney, making it a bit of a trek to visit people in that area. However, it closer to CVS and has not one, but two eateries less than a minute away: the V dub (smaller dining hall) and Andrews Commons (serves pizza, paninis, pasta and Asian food). Pembroke is a lot different from Keeney in that it contains more buildings and seems  to be its own little hub, separate from the rest of campus.

Pembroke has essentially two sections, “Hotel Andrews” and “Pembroke Projects.” Hotel Andrews is basically a giant winged structure consisting of a main terrace and two adjacent terraces connected on either side. The main terrace rests above Andrews Commons and consists of East and West Andrews (East located on the right side and West located on the left side). Connected to West Andrews on the adjacent terrace, is Metcalf and connected to East Andrews is Miller. As you could imagine, East and West Andrews are virtually identical. With sinks, walk in closets, and tons of space, the rooms in Andrews are absolutely breathtaking.

Metcalf and Miller are very nice buildings as well. These two dorms are virtually identical and contain rooms that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some rooms are very spacious, others are on the smaller side, but the beautiful lounges, state of the art basements, and renovated kitchens make up for it all. Living in Metcalf or Miller, just like living in Andrews, is extremely convenient because you have direct access to Andrews Commons without leaving the building.

As for the Pembroke Projects, they’re really not as bad as they seem. Located directly above the V Dub, Emery and Woolley have a great location and connect to each other, which allows makes it easy to get know lots of people. Morris and Champlin, located next to Emery and Woolley are also in a convenient location and connect to each other as well. MoChamp and EmWool, as the two entities are often called, contain rooms that are bit drab and dull, but with upcoming renovations, they should soon be up to par with Hotel Andrews standards.


Wayland is its own monster. Neither located in Keeney nor Pembroke, Wayland seems to stand alone. North and South Wayland, the two parts of Wayland designated for freshmen, have rooms similar to those of EmWool and MoChamp. However, despite the dull rooms and lack of neighboring freshmen dorm buildings, Wayland’s location is amazing–it is super close to the main dining hall and the main green–and only a short walk away from Keeney.

Hopefully this information was helpful and gave you some insight in regards to what freshman dorming will be like. Wherever you end up, don’t worry! You will have a blast regardless of where you live…although if it ends up being Andrews you will probably have an even better time because you have a sink in your room…

Do you have any other questions about what to expect at Brown? Email me at for more information and answer to your question.


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