On the Brown Low: What’s the East Side?

View from Prospect Terrace Park.

Ever wonder what there is to do once you step off Brown’s campus? Curious about what Providence has to offer? On the Brown Low will be your faithful guide! Be sure to check in every week with us, Lily Hartmann and Brianna Lambert, to find out about the best spots around Providence and Rhode Island!

Another weekend is almost over and time has seemingly flown by again. We have lost an hour for daylight savings, leaving me with less time to cram in that reading that is due tomorrow or finish up my economics problem set. Nonetheless, we are all looking forward to the sun setting later and moving towards warmer days (at least that’s what we hope will happen…). This week, Brianna and I have decided to take a step back from what we usually do for our posts. We’ve talked a ton about cool places to eat and see, but starting with this post, we want to help you piece together a more complete picture of Providence. I’ll start this week with a little bit about the East Side; the part of Providence that Brown and RISD call home.

The East Side is east of downtown Providence (yeah for deductive reasoning) and is the part of the city that is between the Providence River and East Providence. This part of the city is made up of a few neighborhoods including Blackstone, Hope, Mount Hope, Wayland, Fox Point (where the Gano Street Bridge is), and of course College Hill. For all you history buffs, College Hill is where Roger Williams settled and first named Providence – also the name of his third child who was the first born in the settlement. Therefore, the East Side includes some of the oldest parts of the city.

Like we’ve highlighted in past posts, Thayer and Wickenden are a couple of the most popular areas of the East Side with small and independent shops and restaurants like Coffee Exchange, Abyssinia, and The Avon Cinema, a movie theater that actually dates back to the early twentieth century. A little farther from Brown is Wayland Square too. But outside of these better known areas, the East Side is contains so many parks and green spaces. This includes India Point Park, Blackstone Boulevard Park, Prospect Terrace Park (a must visit place for beautiful views) and many more – all making this part of the city a beautiful place to explore. Lastly, because the East Side is one of the oldest areas of the city, there is a bunch of historical landmarks that are open to visitors including The Athenaeum, the fourth oldest library in America, and The Marine Armory, an armory used during the American Civil War.

The historical feel of the East Side mixed with the energized environment created by college students and the Portuguese community makes this area of Providence a unique place to be. Check back with us next week as we explore more of the creative capital!

Until next time,


Curious about something in Providence that we haven’t covered? Shoot either Brianna or me an email (lily_hartmann@brown.edu or brianna_lambert@brown.edu) and let us know what we should explore in our next post.


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