A Fresh View: A Hectic Weekend feat. Midterm Exam Preparation

My usually fairly clear desk is cluttered and disorganized, which is how I currently feel.
My usually fairly clear desk is cluttered and disorganized, which is how I currently feel.

Hello friends! I am Yuzuka Akasaka, the ineffably ecstatic first-year blogger for A Fresh View. As I happily stumble through the beautiful hot mess that is the first chapter of my college life, I hope y’all will enjoy the Brown experience with me through the blog posts. I am sending love and good vibes to every single one of you from my new home, Providence, Rhode Island. 

I apologize that my blog post for this week is a day late; on top of wanting to write about an event that happened after my weekly deadline, my weekend has been hectic with midterm preparation.

On Saturday evening, I attended The House of Bernarda Alba, a play written by Frederico García Lorca. I decided to attend because I had read the play and analyzed it in my Spanish class my junior year. Check out what BlogDailyHerald had to say about the performance here: http://blogdailyherald.com/2015/03/06/pw-presents-house-bernarda-alba/ I had only read the play and seen a movie, so I was interested to view it in actual play-form. It was performed in the PW Downspace, or the lower level stage of the Performance Workshop, where many theater productions are held. The tragedy mainly focuses on Bernarda Alba, the tyrannical matriarch of the household, and her effect on her five daughters. The play focuses on the themes of oppression, loneliness, and tradition.

Walking into the theater, I was blown away by the set. It was evident that an incredible amount of work was put in; a chain link fence surrounded the stage, to visually represent the seclusion of the household from the rest of the village. Though I had unfortunately forgotten much of the story and symbolism I analyzed back in my high school days, I was able to remember some of it, which enhance my play-watching experience. The eerie atmosphere and stark white walls contrasted with the black mourning attire of the cast set the mood well. Overall, I felt greatly moved by the dramatic performance, and afterwards, I felt restless thinking about it in my room, so I ended up inviting myself over to my friend’s room so I could unpack my feelings about it.

On a different note, I helped lead the abridged version of the Resistance Tour today for the National Diversity Summit that Brown is hosting this weekend. The Resistance Tour highlights re-enactments of students of color activism (which we did not have today to shorten the tour length) that has helped shape the Brown Center of Students of Color (BCSC- http://www.brown.edu/campus-life/support/students-of-color/about) and Brown. I was able to experience the full tour during my pre-orientation program, TWTP (http://www.brown.edu/campus-life/support/students-of-color/twtp), and I remember thinking it’s incredible and powerful to visually see the acts of resistance by past and present students, who are around my age, as opposed to merely reading or being lectured about it.

I appreciated that I was able to participate in these events this weekend. Unfortunately, I have a midterm exam on Wednesday that I must prepare for, as well as two midterm take-home essays. When I originally read the assignment sheet for the take-home essay, I had a slight misunderstanding and thought that I was supposed to select one topic from the two prompts to write about, but later realized that I have two write two essays. My schoolwork is calling to me, so goodbye until next week. The hectic midterm wave will temporarily pass after this Wednesday.


Yuzuka Akasaka

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my next blog post, feel free to email me at yuzuka_akasaka@brown.edu. Have a lovely day!


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