Music to My Ears: The Jazz Band


Hey y’all! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your sophomore correspondent forMusic to My Ears, my personal outlet that showcases what Brown’s music scene has to offer!

First concert program of the second semester for orchestra is done! Now onto the next. We’ll be playing some Sibelius and Ravel in the next one, which is a big change from most of the works we’ve been performing this year. I’ll have to admit the best part after a concert is having the next rehearsal off; I’ll have Tuesday night to myself for the first in a very long time, but it’s back to rehearsal on Thursday.

I admit, I am biased towards the music extracurriculars that I’m a participant in. But who wouldn’t be? This week, I take a small step out of my music circle to talk just a little about an ensemble that I haven’t really featured yet: the jazz band.

Rehearsing every Monday and Thursday at Fulton Hall, the jazz band is an 18-member group made of five woodwinds, eight brass players, a rhythm section (piano, bass, drums, guitar), and a vocalist. While Duke Ellington is (naturally) a big part of their repertoire, the band has ventured into new modern jazz works also. Having performed with guest artists such as James Moody and Carl Fontana, the band has made a big name for itself and tours regularly across the nation and internationally, including a concert tour to Havana, Cuba last year.

On Friday March 6th, the band, directed by Matthew McGarrell, holds its 28th Annual Eric Adam Brudner ’84 Memorial Concert at 8 pm in Salomon Center, Room 101. Featured in this program is saxophonist Ben Solomon, and admission is free! The concert is in memory of Eric Adam Brudner ’84 in celebration of his talent and aspirations and, has become an annual tradition since 1988.

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