The Question: Who Are Brunonians?

Life-Files-Sorry-Who-are-You (1)Are you curious about Brown and what it will be like when you get there? Do you want to know more about what the Brown experience is all about? The Question has the answer to all of your iquisitions and uncertanties. Brought to you by first year student, Snap Chat enthusiast, and Long Island native Sam Savello, this blog section will fill you in on everything you should expect when coming to Brown. 

You did it! You finished high school, spent hours grueling over your college essay and supplements, hounding teachers for recommendations and creating the perfect resume. You got your acceptance letter and you made your decision. You’re going to your dream school… Brown University! But what exactly awaits you in this mysterious paradise that you have fantasized about for so long. Sure, you’ve visited a few times and seen the breathtaking campus and even met a few students and fellow Prefrosh at ADOCH. But you still don’t know what exactly Brown is going to be like come move in day. You’re full of questions and not sure what to expect. You’ve wondered about classes and dorm rooms and the surrounding area and professors and dining halls and athletic facilities. You want to know where everything is and what to do on the weekends and where the best place to study is and where you should eat. Your biggest inquisition, however, is about the student body. What are the people like?… Who exactly am I going to be going to school with?

Well, that’s something you can’t really tell until you get there. You spend your summer pondering over exactly who is blowing up your phone with a hundred notifications on your class page. There are people posting from California and Boston and Brazil and Saudi Arabia about everything from politics to bedspreads to ice cream flavors. You can barely keep up with the madness and are quite frankly starting to feel overwhelmed. Even after locating the “turn off notifications” button, you still get a little anxious every time you see the number of posts that have been made in the past 24 hours.

But summer is finally over. You got your housing assignment and your roommate. You’re ready to move in and meet these people. You hit up your local walmart, buy as much room supplies as you can fit in a suitcase, pack your bags and take the next train, plane, or car to Providence. You’re nervous. You’re excited. But most importantly, you’re ready to meet all the shining new faces at Brown.

Orientation is a little bit crazy. Between the awkward circles of people playing the name game, the limp hand shakes, and the groups of people who somehow already know each other, you can barely get a handle on who you’ve been talking to… Let alone what their names are. Everything is completely overwhelming and you have no idea who you’ve met and probably couldn’t recognize them if you saw them again.

About a week passes and classes kick in and you still don’t know who these people are. You’ve mastered a few names and can recognize a few faces, but aside from that you’re stumped. The amount of times you have asked “what’s your name again” and went through the whole name-origin-concentration spiel is uncountable at this point. There has to be a better way to get to know people….

Then it happens. Clubs kick in and you start going to activities and the people in your hall start congregating for dinner. You finally start to figure out who your fellow classmates really are. You find out that some of your new friends are from the Midwest and love to talk about politics and others are literary arts majors and can’t stop watching movies. Your friend down the hall has the greatest fashion sense and spent two weeks in a desert. Two girls in your building went to high school together but never met before. The girl at office hours took a gap year to live in Germany. The guy in your English class speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese and the girl on your Frisbee team used to live in Rome. The more you get to know people, the more exciting they seem to become. Even people with less extravagant life stories are still exciting in one way or another, whether it’s through their vibrant personalities, super cool interests or crazy skills. You’re completely blown away by everyone you’ve gotten to know and can’t help but text all your friends from home to brag about how you know a guy who spent a year sailing around Thailand and a girl who was on a bobsled team.

You’ve finally figured out the answer to your burning question. Brown students are insanely awesome! There are so many of them and they’re all so unique and have a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and interests to share.  Each student is truly one of a kind and helps make your time at Brown all the more refreshing. Now you know they weren’t lying when they said the student body is what makes the school.

Do you have any other questions about what to expect at Brown? Email me at for more information and answer to your question. 



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