Music to My Ears: Rehearsal Spaces


Hey y’all! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your sophomore correspondent forMusic to My Ears, my personal outlet that showcases what Brown’s music scene has to offer!

Practice is key for really anything that needs improvement, so I’m surprised I haven’t covered the practice/rehearsal spaces for musicians here at Brown. The general lot of them are located on the further side of campus, but what with the weather nowadays I’ve been practicing in my room (not a fan of trudging in the snow)…

Steinert: This is the furthest of the three, but also your most traditional practice room setting and the one I use the most. Located right near Perkins Hall, Steinert is a three-floor practice space equipped with MEME (computer music and multimedia) studios, a chorus room, and sound-proof practice cubbies in the basement. I want to say there are about 15 cubbies, and each cubby has a piano. They’re small but super cozy, and I sometimes even find myself doing homework there because it’s nice and quiet (unless someone actually needs to use the space to practice). There’s a slightly bigger space in the basement too with a piano, and my quartet rehearses there when we’re not meeting with our coach. Cubby use is first come first served, but basement use is through reservations (although you are free to use it as long as no one is in there and it’s not reserved by anyone else at that time).

Morrison-Gerard: The closest of the three, located behind Orwig Music Library and directly in front of St. Anthony Hall (King House). The big rehearsal room’s got two pianos (one that Brown quite recently acquired, and it is BEAUTIFUL), and that’s where auditions for music ensembles and programs (orchestra, chamber music, AMP) are usually held. Otherwise, there are 4 smaller practice rooms all equipped with pianos that can be used too (not sound-proof, sadly). MG tends to be more of a lesson/rehearsal space than a practice room setting, so more times than not you’ll probably need a key or reservation to be able to use the big room (my quartet rehearses there when we’ve got coaching because our coach has the key to the room). I’ve walked into other people’s private music lessons in the smaller rooms one too many times, so just make sure the space is available if you plan on using it. 

Fulton: (see picture above) Located right next to MG and connected to Grant Recital Hall, Fulton is classified as more of a rehearsal space than it is individual practice. I know the band rehearses there every Tuesday, and if there’s a recital with multiple performing groups, Fulton is usually used as a warmup/ last-minute practice space prior to it. It’s big and nice, but not exactly for the solo musician.

I’m generally more a fan of bigger practice spaces because I can hear myself better. Acoustics aren’t the best in any of these rehearsal spaces (especially the small MG practice rooms), but they’re better than no practice spaces… and most certainly my room!

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