From the Editor: Updates + We’re Back!

unnamedHello to our fabulous followers, 

If you couldn’t tell from our first week of posts, the Bruin Club Blog is back and in business! Whoohoo! So, onto the good stuff, new changes in the Blog for the upcoming semester: 

1) This isn’t a change – but it’s something awesome you still should know about! We have had our Twitter account for the past semester, and, because of our fabulous Tweeters, new information has been put out on our handle (@thebruinclub) every single day. It’s a fantastic resource for student-taken photographs of Brown, answers to FAQs, and humorous snippets from Brown Tour Guides and Bloggers alike. YOU CAN FOLLOW US AT @thebruinclub!

2) Your Bloggers are going to start using tags in the upcoming semester! No, it won’t show up as #Brownissocool or #RattyLyfe, but it will help you all better search for posts based on topics or specific terms (e.g., athletics, concentration declaration, roommates, etc.). We hope that this addition will make it easier for you to use the blog to best suit your own personal interests!

3) We have a new column! Our fabulous “Hungry as a Bear” blogger, Michelle Zabat, decided that after months of talking about the Ratty, there are more important topics to be discussed: self-care, mental health, mindfulness, and wellness. She’s super right, and these topics are very important for you all to consider as incoming and prospective college students. While she will still be talking about certain aspects of eating at Brown in her new column, The Bear Necessities, this column will really be dedicated to the aforementioned topics. Check it out!

As always, if you have any questions or want anything changed about the blog, you can email me at

Ever true, 



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