A Fresh View: A Fresh Start, A Fresh Snow

On my way to lunch, this masterpiece of a snowman swimming away from snow-sharks captured my eye.

Hello friends! I am Yuzuka Akasaka, the ineffably ecstatic first-year blogger for A Fresh View. As I happily stumble through the beautiful hot mess that is the first chapter of my college life, I hope y’all will enjoy the Brown experience with me through the blog posts. I am sending love and good vibes to every single one of you from my new home, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Welcome back! To my high school senior readers, congrats on entering your final semester of high school. Senioritis can be tough, but I know that all will be well for y’all. I remember having a difficult time staying focused, but the second semester of senior year is such a uniquely fun time, so enjoy it!

After a busy first semester, I greatly appreciated the one month-long winter break. I was able to spend time with my family and friends and catch up on sleep. After living in the northeast for several months, I was finally able to appreciate Texas winters; the day I flew back to Providence, the high in the Dallas area was in the 60s. I spent about the first two weeks of break visiting my high school teachers and catching up with friends. Most of my friends traveled back to school a week or two before I did, so the last two weeks of break, I mostly spent my time at home relaxing with my parents and knitted a scarf and sewed a dress.

I miss home very much, but I’ve found that my packed schedule and reunion with my lovely friends have helped alleviate that feeling. I did not shop as many courses as I thought I would, because I was able to easily determine what classes I felt that I most wanted to take this semester. I am taking four classes: Principles of Economics; Introductory Calculus, Part II; Race, Class, and Ethnicity in the Modern World; and Samurai and Merchants, Prostitutes and Priests: Japanese Urban Culture in the Early Modern Period. In terms of extracurricular activities this semester, I am continuing to participate in the Bruin Club Blog and the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS) in the Campus Life committee. I have joined Stand Up! (shout out to Emily Schell, the founder, who is also the editor of the Bruin Club Blog), which aims to work towards eliminating sexual assault at Brown through an inclusive approach to encourage more students to join the conversation and better understand an issue that effects the whole campus. I am also co-facilitating a workshop in E(RACE)D, a conference, which will take place in about two weeks, focusing on unpacking the Asian American experience, and have joined the ALANA (African American, Latino, Asian American, and Native American) Mentoring Program, which promotes relationships between students of color and older mentors of color. I am incredibly excited for this semester, as I am continuing to push myself to explore academically and socially. Also, since I learned valuable time management lessons last semester, such as that I must use small pockets of time wisely (such as in between classes), and work more efficiently on the weekdays, I feel better equipped to take on this second semester of college.

I had been told that there would be snow on the ground at Brown from about December to early March, so I was surprised to see no trace of snow when I arrived back on campus. However, with the blizzard on Tuesday, we received about two feet of snow. Luckily, I was prepared, as I bought a snuggly winter coat over winter break. It may be too early to speak now, but my first Providence winter has not been as harsh and frightening as I previously imagined, thanks to my coat, boots, and new knowledge of layering. My friends and I played outside on Tuesday, as classes were canceled, by having a mini-snowball fight, making snow angels, sledding, and taking pictures. The campus was gorgeous with the pristine snow! Unfortunately, the snow, ice, and slush now serve as obstacles in my treks to my classes, but I still feel that I’m in a winter wonderland.


Yuzuka Akasaka

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my next blog post, feel free to email me at yuzuka_akasaka@brown.edu. Have a lovely day!


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