Music to My Ears: Ending on a high note (I’m punny, I know)


Hey y’all! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your sophomore correspondent forMusic to My Ears, my personal outlet that showcases the different facets that Brown’s music scene has to offer!

(Disclaimer: The last note I will play this semester performing on my violin is an E below middle C; not that high. Sorry if I got your hopes up).

But with all seriousness, where did the time go? Fall semester freshmen year took forever to finish, and this year it just disappeared into thin air. Spring semester goes by quicker than fall. I’ve been told semesters pass even quicker as you get older, and that’s a really scary prospect. I unfortunately must keep this post sweet and simple, as I have 6 and 1/2 papers to attend to between now and the end of my finals period… #Tminus13days #college #sleep?

I hope Thanksgiving was wonderful for all of you! The orchestra gave its last performance of the semester on November 23rd and ended before break this year, which is the earliest it’s ever ended. We’ve finished all of our recordings, and they are currently being edited into CDs (no more playing music composed by Anthony Burgess, thank god; he should have stuck to writing.)

The good thing about the end of the semester though is that most musicians/ensembles showcase the work that they’ve been doing throughout the fall, so there are a lot of cool performances going on. My string quartet will be performing the first 3 movements of Mendelssohn’s String Quartet No. 2 in A minor in the AMP/ Chamber Music Performance on December 14th, for one. Here are some other awesome concerts/events:

December 4th- 15th: AMP Strings and Chamber Music Recitals; various times @ Grant Recital Hall. Free admission.

December 7th: AMP Piano Recital; 7:00- 9:00 pm @ Grant Recital Hall. Free admission.

December 8th: AMP Winds Recital; 4:00- 5:00 pm @ Fulton Rehearsal Hall. Free admission.

December 9th: AMP Jazz Recital; 4:00- 5:00 pm @ Fulton Rehearsal Hall. Free admission.

December 9th: Brown University Jazz Band Concert; 8:00- 10:00 pm @ Grant Recital Hall. Free admission.

December 12th: MUSC 2270 Final Concert; 8:00- 9:30 pm @ Grant Recital Hall. Students in “Performance in a Virtual World” perform a final concert of new works created in collaborative groups. Free admission.

December 13th: MUSC 1240F Final Concert; 8:00- 9:30 pm @ Grant Recital Hall. Students in Circuit Bending and Hardware Hacking perform a final concert of new works. Free admission.

December 16th: MUSC 1210 Final Concert; 7:00- 10:00 pm @ Grant Recital Hall. Brown Department of Music & MEME: Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments present PATCHWERK V.5, a concert of new interactive computer music & mediaby students in Introduction to Real-Time Systems. Free admission.

December 17th: MEME Ensemble and MUSC 2230 Final Concert;  7:00- 9:30 pm @ Grant Recital Hall. A combined final concert featuring students in the Electroacoustic Improv Ensemble and students in Composing and Improvising with Real-Time Systems. Free admission.

And that closes it for this semester. Have a wonderful December and New Year’s! See y’all next year 🙂

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