The Economista: Deckin’ out the Dorm


Welcome to The Economista! Brought to you by your first-year blogger/new best friend Karine Liu, The Economista is a blog for the budget-conscious Brunonian! Check back here each week for the tips and tricks that’ll have you rolling in your own sea of green out on the Main Green in no time!

Competition in academics is something a classic Brunonian is known to scoff at, but when it comes to the ambience, style, and interior décor of a dorm room, the Bear claws come out! But don’t fret: having a dorm worthy of an HGTV special doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are some fun ways to up the ante in your dorm decor game:

1. Pictures of literally anything.

If there is anything Brown loves more than the “Imagine 250+” slogan, it’s photobooths. Any sort of party/gala/shindig with a whole bunch of people will probably have a free photobooth. If you’re lucky, there’ll be some wacky props to take some gems such as these:


Which make perfect dorm wall material.

2. Get craftsy.

For those of you with a Pinterest board titled “College Dorm Decorating Ideas!”, this one is for you. Break out that inner Martha Stewart and start crafting! It can be as simple as acut-out of your name covered in pompoms (see above). And while you’ll have to take a trip to a nearby craft store, it’s definitely cheaper to make your own wall art. Not to mention, where would I ever find a “Karine” wall deco?

3. Poster it up.

Posters are never hard to come by. When Brown isn’t having one of their mega-cheap poster sales down at Wriston Quad, there are posters selling for 6 dollars at Pie In the Sky, a local shop of eccentrities. But really, anything can be a poster: a flyer for that awesome lecture you went to last week? Well, lookie there: another poster. Flyers are forever!

4. It’s the thought that counts. Hang those thoughts up.

Spending a birthday at college comes with its perks: lots of people saying happy birthday to you, perhaps a little shindig with your pals, and lots of gifts/cards! Decorating your room with things that remind you of your friends makes your room unique: no one else is going to have that awesome card with 12 multicolored bears on it.


5. Stop forgetting the date!

Putting a calendar on your wall inspires responsibility, diligence, and being present day-to-day; but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Pick a fun calendar, with cute dogs or kittens or, like yours truly, with quotes that will make getting up and doing work THAT much easier.

There you have it! Simple, easy, and cheap ways that your dorm room can be decorated. With these tips, you’ll definitely be having friends over, because the vibe of your room is “just so fetch”.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for any topics you’d like to see covered by The Economista, email me at! See you next week!


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