A Fresh View: RIPTA Adventures

My first RIPTA adventure was to Newport, Rhode Island.

Hello friends! I am Yuzuka Akasaka, the ineffably ecstatic first-year blogger for A Fresh View. As I happily stumble through the beautiful hot mess that is the first chapter of my college life, I hope y’all will enjoy the Brown experience with me through the blog posts. I am sending love and good vibes to every single one of you from my new home, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Having lived in suburbs for most of my life, I am accustomed to driving to my destinations. College is the first extended period of time that I have not mainly used cars for transportation. Though I spend most of my time on campus and College Hill (the region of Providence that Brown is located on), I do trek down the hill once in a while to venture into downtown Providence or elsewhere. Since walking to my destinations is not always feasible, I have relied on public transportation in the form of RIPTA (Rhode Island Public Transit Authority) buses to shuttle me around. The best part of RIPTA: Brown students can ride for free with our student IDs.

The first time I stepped on a RIPTA bus, my friends and I traveled to Newport, a beautiful seaside city about an hour or so away from Providence by bus. Though we had difficulty finding the stop to get on the bus, the ride was smooth and scenic; I found myself immersed in the beauties of New England as I noticed lighthouses, docked boats, cozy towns, and historical buildings.

The second time I used RIPTA was when my friends and I made a trip to Salvation Army. We needed to purchase clothing for the bitter and quickly approaching winter, so we trekked to Providence Place Mall, and then later decided to stop by Salvation Army as well. We accidentally got on a bus that took us the opposite direction before we noticed on Google Maps that the bus was taking us farther from our destination. As soon as we realized our mistake, we exited the bus as soon as possible, and found the correct bus. After a slight detour, we were able to arrive at the thrift store and we purchased several snuggly sweaters.

The third time I hopped on a RIPTA bus was yesterday when my friends and I decided to take a trip to Savers, a thrift store that mainly sells clothing. The trip required more walking than I preferred, as with the wind chill, the temperature was 19 degrees. Fortunately, the time we spent in the bus was comfortable and warm, and provided a brief respite from the bitter cold. Also, the very cheap purchases we made at Savers made our freezing walk worth it.

Though I have not quite yet figured out how the RIPTA bus system works and I rely on my friends to figure out the bus numbers and routes, I feel more accustomed to public transportation. I greatly appreciate the usefulness of this bus system, and I’m sure it will be an integral part of many of my future adventures around Providence and beyond.


Yuzuka Akasaka

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my next blog post, feel free to email me at yuzuka_akasaka@brown.edu. Have a lovely day!


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