Snapshots of Brown: What’s Up in Providence?

off campus

Welcome to Snapshots of Brown, your destination for pics of Brown all year long! I’m Celina Stewart, and I’ll be bringing you little photo insights into my third year on Brown’s campus. What’s up this week? Let’s take a look… 

Providence is a cool city. Cold, true. Windy, true. Often wet and overcast? Also true. However, those mild atmospheric conditions don’t prevent Providence from having a quirky, cool, and under-statedly New England vibe. If you head downtown, you’ll see regal architecture among artsy window displays; near the RISD campus, you’ll see more creative coloring on the buildings; venturing away from downtown, you’ll see many cute, Victorian style homes; College Hill has an endearing mix of quaint old buildings and questionable 1970s architectural choices.

The visual impact of the city is somewhat matched by it’s cultural offerings (so to speak): you’ll find a mix of compelling art exhibitions, upscale restaurants (and downscale dives), and a music scene that varies between big-name acts and indie bands. In the past couple weeks, I’ve gotten off campus several times, and wanted to share with you.

As at the photo above suggests, I’ve seen Waterfire (literally, fires that are lit on the river), and eaten at least one burger. I didn’t actually visit the Avon Cinema on Thayer Street (although it has winter decor out already!), which is amusing since its such a location attraction and in three years, I’ve still yet to see a film there.

However, this is only a small representation of what I’ve been up to in Providence. Last Saturday, I saw Bob Dylan live at the Providence Performing Arts Center (no pictures allowed, sorry). Following that, my friends and I grabbed burgers at the Haven, a large, repurposed semitrailer that parks downtown (it was featured on the TV show Man v. Food!).

Between wandering downtown, exploring around College Hill (there are definitely still places I’m discovering, even three years in), and venturing off campus to Wickenden Street, there is a ton to do, if you can only find time!

I’m embarking upon a project to make Byzantine food (yes, my history class is awesome), so I’ll likely be utilizing some of the interesting markets located in some of the immigrant-neighborhoods that make Providence such a vibrant city. In the past, I’ve traveled to Central Falls, a great nearby community that has as much delicious Latin American food as you can imagine (Homemade pupusas? yummm), and now expect to find some delicious Eastern European and Middle Eastern markets to venture out to. That’s the beauty of a city as multi-cultural as Providence- there’s something for everyone!

Have questions or comments? Want more details? Send an email to and I’ll get back ASAP!


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