PLME Perspectives: Part III


Hello! I’m Lulu, a member of the PLME class of 2018/2022, and I am the writer for Blogside Manner. In this column, I will talk about the ins and outs of PLME life at Brown and, of course, the dreaded application process. Whether or not you decide to ultimately apply for PLME, I hope to help provide you with a better sense of what Brown is all about!

I think it’s about time for a break from all of the application process stuff I’ve been writing about, so here are the thoughts of another one of my fellow PLMEs!

How do you like Brown so far?

I really like it! It’s a good fit for me, I think. I am very happy, I like everyone here, there’s a good vibe. I’m just trying to enjoy it and make the most of my time here. I like all of my classes. I feel like so far, being here has reinforced what I wanted to go into: public health. It also helped me find new things that I never considered, like anthropology. There are a lot of really good opportunities, and I’ve been trying to get more involved, but right now I’m just trying to ease in as a freshman!

What have been your favorite PLME experiences?

I thought PLME Wars was fun, even though I’m pretty sure Team Brescia lost really badly. The ice cream social was nice as well. Both were great bonding experiences, especially since they were in less formal settings. Sometimes I feel like the Whole Patient is a bit formal, and it’s always nice to let loose with fellow PLMEs.

How have you been taken advantage of being a PLME?

I’m taking Chem 330 (more or less the Brown equivalent of General Chemistry II) S/NC! Something that I’m really interested in is studying abroad, which I think PLME will give the opportunity to do since we have more freedom. I think that the best thing about PLME is that it takes a lot of the pressure off the college experience, and it is really nice not having to stress about the next phase of your life all the time.

What advice would you give prospective PLMEs?

I think depends on the person. Really consider the benefits of the PLME program and assess if it is really right for you. I feel like this program is for a certain type of mentality: if you are really interested in medicine and you know it is something for you, it is a great opportunity. However, if you’re super competitive and concerned about getting into the best medical school in the world, you might consider other options. I feel like no one regrets being in PLME, but some people might regret not applying. As for the application, just be honest and have fun with it. I think it’s important for you to like what you’re writing, or else no one is going to like what they’re reading.

A huge thanks to my interviewee for humoring me with this even with all of the homework that is piling up right now. I hope all of you prospective applicants have started thinking about your essays because the deadline will be here before you know it. Good luck!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below! I’ll make sure to respond as soon as I can!


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