Brown Threads: If I Freeze To Death, At Least They’ll Find My Corpse Looking Fab!

What’s good y’all!? My name is Deionté Appling, junior class of 2016 here at Brown, and I’m a music and psychology concentrator.  Alongside Sofia Kadieva, I write for the Brown Threads column for the Bruin Club Blog. Fun Facts: I sing in chorus, I’m an RPL in Wayland, and I love Robert Plant! Sofia is a junior Comparative Literature concentrator who costume designs virtually every play/musical and will one day dominate the world as THE leading fashionista! Brown Threads is the gateway to what every day fashion and style looks like around campus!

Darlings, sweater weather is officially over. An arctic blast has decided to visit Providence, so don’t let that sunshine fool you, we are literally freezing. Which means it’s coat weather! Many people underestimate the power and the potential fabulousity of a good coat, and when it gets rainy, snowy, and gross you know I’m going to be bundled under my heavy duty “puffy thing” (from Uniqlo), but for right now, when it’s still decent-just-frigid, don’t be afraid to bring the style with your outerwear. Pick your personality and “werq” with it.

Take a look of all of these incredible pictures of moi (Sofia). I do not actually own all of these coats. But I look good, as per usual.


Couture: a fun statement piece. Because what is life without a faux fur blush-to-burgundy ombré coat, right? Not that warm, but good for those kind of chilly late Octobers (and for a Joan Rivers costume). We’re showing it just so that you can see it.


Haute (properly spelled here): Floor-length faux fur. Found at Savers in East Providence. Savers is a fantastic resource to anyone and everyone, and sometimes good things can be found. It’s on the cheap side and you can find some fun garments for laughs or for real life.


Diva: For the days when you just feel yourself the center of everything (that’s every day for the two of us). Be careful of white coats though – nobody’s going to be cleaning that, especially you because coat weather is close to finals weather and you will be in the SciLi/Rock all your days. Extra points for the collar for keeping my neck toasty warm. No one has time for sore throats or sickness. Ever. Found in Salvation Army, a short walk or bus ride away from College Hill. Salvation Army has a lot of options, especially if you want to buy big sweaters to relax in.


Glam: My personal fav. This coat comes from my mama from the 80s (vintage!) and it is warm, insulated, and has enough room in the shoulders because of the shoulder pads, which help ease the pain of that giant bag hanging off my shoulder. Con – does not close at the top so I have my cheap pashmina scarf to keep me comfy. Scarves and gloves are necessary for both fashion and function.

Besides Savers and Salvation Army, November is also the time when Fashion@Brown’s Urban Vintage Bazaar is held where you’ll have more opportunities to find cool coats and literally anything else there.

Some final advice before we go; obviously, you can look good and be warm. But trust me, have that nice heavy-duty winter coat and boots for when the real bitter winter hits.

For those of you tickled by curiosity, would like to express your love for me, or simply want to chat about any and all things fashion, please feel free to email your questions or comments to and I’ll get back ‘atcha ASAP!

Fashion Is Rock and Roll, Which Is a Mixture of Hockey and Religion

David Lee Roth.


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