The Question: Getting To and From Providence

bostonHi! My name is Gabrielle Frampton. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago but I grew up in China. I’m a sophomore concentrating in International Relations and East Asian Studies. I’ll be blogging for “The Question“. Together we’ll be figuring “THE ANSWER(s)” to your questions, and maybe even some of my own, about life at Brown.

Providence is a great city. Full of art and culture, good food and there’s always a ton to do. From watching Providence River light up during Waterfire to watching indy flicks at the Cable Car Cinema whatever the occasion a trip downtown is always well worth the hike down College Hill.

But occasionally  one feels the urge to venture out of Providence. How you might ask? Well this weeks blog posts seeks to answer all your questions about getting to and from Providence whenever the wanderlust strikes. 

More information on traveling to and from Providence after the jump.

Hint **It’s super easy***

If you are heading to /in:

The Great State of Rhode Island: 

Whether you’re headed to the beaches of Newport, going to a fancy party at Rhodes or heading down to Warwick for some Chick-Fil-A travelling from Providence to other Rhode Island cities is super easy. All Brown students get free travel on the RIPTA (Rhode Island Public Transport Association) services. This includes trams and buses throughout the entirety of Lil’  Rhody. There are a few bus stops right on College Hill including one outside Starbucks on Thayer street.

This makes RIPTA transport not only free but also super convenient.


The ultimate college town.  Whether your feel like visiting our bigger, slightly rougher northern neighbour to visit friends or just to visit there are two main ways to get to Boston. Providence Train Station is a ten minute walk down college hill. To get to Boston you can take the commuter rail, which part of Boston’s metro system. It costs about 10 dollars one way and takes about 1 hour 10 minutes.  You can also take an Amtrak train to Boston. It costs about  $15 one way and takes about 45 minutes. It also runs later than the commuter trail, especially on weekends.

New York: 

At  Providence Train Station there are multiple trains that run from Providence to NYC daily – usually stopping throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut along the way. The regular North East Express costs about $60 one way and takes about 4 hours.  If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t mind the extra expense Amtrak also runs the Acela express service which costs about double the price of the regular but gets you there in half the time . 

A more budget friendly option is by bus. Both Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus Lines offer services from Providence to many destinations throughout the North East. The bus to NYC takes roughly the same time as a regular train but only costs $20 dollars one way.

Also, both Greyhound and Peter Pan often have promotions offering one way trips for as low as $1.

Somewhere you can only go by flying:

TF Green Airport:

Located about 20 minutes away from campus. TF Green is classified as an international airport because of a daily flight to Canada. It also offers flights to a plethora of other domestic locations. That said, I usually fly out of either Boston Logan or New York’s JFK when heading home to Trinidad for the holidays.

If you have any questions yourself, feel free to email me at!



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