The Economista: The Meal Credit Crusader


Eons ago, way, way back in ole wonderfully weather stable September, you elected to take on one of the weekly meal plans here at Brown. “Sure,” you said, “I’ll use up all those meals. “Between the Blue Room, Andrews Commons, the Verney-Woolley (cue groan), and the Sharpe Refectory (cue second, more sickening groan), 20 meal credits is nothing.”

And then college life kicked in…

…and now you’re finding that a) sometimes sleeping is better than eating, b) these food establishments are somehow moving farther and farther away from the comfort your dorm (bed), or c) the Mama Kim’s food truck is on Thayer. Scrambling to spend those 20 credits is a struggle: but fear not! Here are some food combos that exactly add up to that magic number of $7.05:

  1. 2 x Blue Room Muffin + Small Coffee OR 3 Blue Room Muffins – The Blue Room

With a little pick-me-up for now AND on-the-go breakfast set for next two days, you’re acing this whole responsible adult at college thing. Split each muffin in half, and you’ll have an even less calorie dense breakfast for two more days.

  1. 3 x Odwalla Bars – The Blue Room, Andrews Commons

When that 3pm/am snack craving kicks in, fight back with one of these babies. They’re like energy bars, but you know what’s actually in them. So really, nothing like energy bars.

  1. 4 x Milks OR 3 x Milks + Cookie – Andrews Commons

Milk? Good for your bones. Cookies? Good for your soul.

  1. Smoothie + Chips – The Ivy Room

Get a healthy snack with a custom-made smoothie (throw in pear juice, yogurt, all types of fruit that can’t be found at the Ratty/V-dub), and later congratulate yourself on your healthy choices with some chips. It’s all about balance, people.

  1. 5 x Apples – The Blue Room, Andrews Commons, Jo’s, etc.

An apple a day keeps Health Services away. They’re actually lovely people, but sick people are not. Eat your fruits, kids.

5. 5 Takeout-box full of fruit/cereal/bread/whatever can fit

Stocking up for the cold weather is what a true Brown Bear would do.

And there you have it: at least five ways to spend those credits before they magically disappear at the end of each week. Now you’ll just have to work in those pesky 15. Spend wisely and happily!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for any topics you’d like to see covered by The Economista, email me at! See you next week!


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