From The Editor: Check Out Our New Pages!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.49.41 PMHello to all of our fabulous followers! 

I just wanted to alert you all to the presence of two wonderful new pages at the top upper left corner of your screens (or upper-middle left corner if we’re going to be that precise…). They’re the “About Us” and “Meet Our Bloggers” pages. “About Us” is pretty self explanatory – it’s just a short explanation of the blog’s history, as well as a little bit of context as to what the Bruin Club at Brown is. However, the real gem here is the “Meet Our Bloggers” page – there you get to see the faces of the wonderful people whose words you’ve been reading the past few months, as well as get to know a little bit more about them. You’ll be surprised – in addition to being fantastic bloggers for you all, they are really involved in other aspects of campus life too. Just think of them as 19 modern day Superman/woman/phes 😉

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email at!

Ever true,



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