Wise Fools: Parents. Parents EVERYWHERE.

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Hello all! I’m Christy Le, an enthusiastic but slightly sarcastic goofball who will be your second-year blogger for Wise Fools. Follow me on my tumultuous journey as I awkwardly stumble through my Sophomore year and courageously battle the vicious beast best known as “the Sophomore Slump.”

Sophomore Slump Survival Update:

Yesterday, in the span of one day, I managed to lose my iPod, my Brown ID card, and my voice. ‘Twas splendid. As you can see, this sophomore slump is hitting me incredibly hard. I have three midterms in the upcoming weeks, but amazingly enough, they’re well spread out and none of them are in the same week. This is magnificent news, and I could not be happier (Actually, I guess I could be happier because I would be inexplicably jubilant if I didn’t have to take midterms at all).

This past weekend was Parents’ Weekend at Brown. My parents didn’t come up this year as I’m a sophomore now and they’ve seen Brown’s campus more than enough times. So I had a blast spending my Parents’ Weekend sitting on the Main Green and people-watching the Freshmen with their families.

I also got to meet the parents of a lot of my friends. Parents’ Weekend is great because you get to meet the friends’ families, and I always have one of two reactions to these encounters. Either I meet a friend’s family and am like “Wow, I can see EXACTLY how you became the person that you are!” or you’re like “Uhhh… Where did you come from..??” Additionally, students generally react to their family’s presence in two different ways. Kids are either scowling and walking a solid ten steps ahead with overeager parents trailing behind or are walking in line with their parents and saying hi to everything that moves in hopes of showing their parents that they have indeed made friends in college. Parents’ Weekend is really one of the best people-watching opportunities.

Parents’ Weekend was a very different experience for me this year because I wasn’t running around with my parents, trying to show them all the cool things that Brown has to offer in hopes of making them feel better about paying tuition. I did this as a Freshman and was one of the people who greeted everyone that I saw in hopes of looking social. But this year, I spent Parents’ Weekend studying for exams, greeting the parents of close friends, and petting all the cute dogs that families brought with them. Yes, I was THAT person. What of it?

Parents Weekend is great because Brown puts on a lot of events, seminars, and shows for parents. There was an amazing Acapella concert, a Dance concert, a Disney princess musical, free caricatures in the Student Center, and a special Brown +250 Waterfire! To top off this exciting weekend, one of my friend’s mom took some of us out to a really nice dinner at an all-vegetarian restaurant in Providence. If you’re looking for cool, new restaurants, The Grange was HEAVENLY.

Lessons Learned:

1). Make an effort to attend more performing arts shows at Brown. This past weekend, I went to the Disney princess musical and was so unbelievably blown away by the talent of my peers. I had goosebumps throughout the entire show and got to reminisce in Disney songs from my childhood FOR FREE. We go to school with incredibly gifted people, so the shows here are of such great quality and they’re usually free! Go support your fellow classmates! You WILL NOT regret it!

2). Wake up early on weekends. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and I know I sound ridiculous because weekends are the time to catch up on sleep. But this results in a much longer day and a longer weekend. It’s amazing. You have time to go the gym, all of the Blue Room muffin flavours are fully stocked, and there aren’t lines anywhere because most people are still asleep.

Thanks so much for reading this week, my lovely readers! As always, come back next Sunday for an update on my survival and a new post!

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to email me at christy_le@brown.edu! Thanks so much for reading and have a splendid day!

Until next week,



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