The Question: Shopping at Brown?


Hi! My name is Gabrielle Frampton. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago but I grew up in China. I’m a sophomore concentrating in International Relations and East Asian Studies. I’ll be blogging for “The Question“. Together we’ll be figuring “THE ANSWER(s)” to your questions, and maybe even some of my own, about life at Brown.

Personally, I love shopping…perhaps a little too much. But let’s face it college is expensive-and even though I work on campus and thankfully get support from my parents- I still feel like this:

Despite all of this I do occasionally go shopping. Luckily enough there are a bazillion options to satisfy all your fashion, grocery shopping needs on or near campus. 

Click read more to find the most popular shopping locales on or around College Hill

Thayer Street 

Thayer street is a popular tourist, entertainment street located on the East Side of Providence. Thayer street is practically a part of Brown’s campus. Several important university buildings including the Sciences Library, The Sharpe Refactory ( major on-campus eatery) and several upperclassman dorms are located on Thayer.

Thayer street is also home of restaurants and convenience stores. These include a vision care store, Food Mini-mart, an Urban Outfitters, Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s, a Psychic, and a CVS amongst many more.

Thayer is usually my FIRST AND LAST resort. Especially when I need something immediately. 

Providence Place Mall

Providence is home to the * largest indoor carpeted* mall in New England.  While “indoor carpeted” seem like very specific categories… Providence Place is actually huge and has everything you might need. It houses a wide variety of stores ranging form the fast fashion, to eye-care, food, and beauty stores. It also occasionally hosts some great sales.

Providence Place is a ten minute walk down College Hill and is open from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday to Sat 

East Side Marketplace/ Whole Foods/ Stop N Shop 

Frequented by sophomores + and others who are off meal plan. These grocery stores are a short bus ride away. All public transportation through the entirety of the great state of Rhode Island is free with your Brown ID.

Amazon Student

With your brown email address you get a free membership to Amazon Student- which is a subdivision of Amazon prime. This means free two day shipping.  Buy stuff online and with one click have it sent to your Brown mailbox!

If you have any questions yourself, feel free to email me at! 


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