On the Brown Low: A Pumpkin Spiced Adventure


Ever wonder what there is to do once you step off Brown’s campus? Curious about what Providence has to offer? On the Brown Low will be your faithful guide! Be sure to check in every week with us, Lily Hartmann and Brianna Lambert, to find out about the best spots around Providence and Rhode Island!

So it’s mid-October, we’re in New England, and the leaves are falling off the trees. Social media is flooded with pictures of people going apple picking and enjoying the crisp fall weather. With all the fall festivities happening at Brown and in Rhode Island in general, it was only fitting that we did something “pumpkin flavored” this week.

No we don’t mean pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spiced lattes, or more pumpkin pie ice cream (although all of those things are so delicious). After last week’s food coma we needed a break from the Providence restaurant scene. Along with the rest of Rhode Island residents, we visited Roger Williams Zoo to see the annual Jack- O – Lantern Spectacular.

Brianna, three of our friends, and myself ventured over to Roger Williams Park, just a short ride away from Brown. It was swarmed with people all wanting to see the Jack-O-Lanterns, and so even finding a place to park was a bit crazy. The line to get in weaved around the parking lot, and although we had to wait to get in, it didn’t take as long as expected. We were entertained by Halloween music like Ghostbusters that was playing along the way, and it reminded us of trick or treating when we were young. Once inside the zoo, we followed the path and the crowd of people until we reached the start of the pumpkins, but it was well worth the wait. The creativity the artists used was astonishing, and they had everything from a Gatsby themed pumpkin to a pumpkin with a bust of Martin Luther King.


The Spectacular runs from nightly from October 2nd through November 2nd, and costs $12 during the week and $16 on the weekend. But it’s totally worth it for an experience you’ll probably only find in New England. The pumpkins and the show as a whole are created by the artists and craftsmen of Passion for Pumpkins, and it features a display of 5,000 illuminated jack-o-lanterns, with over 125 of them artistically carved and displayed in scenes to play out the theme. This year’s theme is “Jack-O-Lanterns from A to Z,” and there are sections filled with intricate pumpkin art that highlight moments from history and popular culture, and honor inspirational figures. Take a look at some of the photos to see how detailed and intricate the designs are.


Our recommendation: Go to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. Bring friends. Listen to Halloween music and drink apple cider along the way. And if possible don’t go right at 7pm on a Saturday night if you want to avoid the crowds. The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is one of those things that is unique to Providence, and truly makes you feel that fall has arrived.

Until next time,


Curious about something in Providence that we haven’t covered? Shoot either Brianna or me an email (lily_hartmann@brown.edu or brianna_lambert@brown.edu) and let us know what we should explore in our next post.



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