From Albania to Zimbabwe: BRIO!


Hi there! My name is Akira Camargo, a freshman hailing from Tokyo, Japan who will try to crack funny jokes and puns from time to time as I write posts for From Albania to Zimbabwe, the ins and outs of being at Brown from an international student’s perspective. Through my posts, you’ll be able to learn more about all things international here, ranging from international events at Brown (cool guest speakers, festivals and parties) to my thoughts on living in America for the first time (!!!), and a bunch of other interesting stuff as my first year at Brown unfolds. Hope you enjoy reading them!

Hey readers,

I just wanted to let you know about an organization I am part of at Brown called BRIO, or the Brown International Organization. Here is what the club really is: “a cultural organization open to any person in the Brown community that offers the opportunity to celebrate and share different traditions from around the world.” BRIO hosts many events that allows domestic and international students alike to explore and enjoy the

Many cultures and traditions that make up the diverse population at Brown.
I learned about BRIO through its famous parties that they host each month. I attended their first one on September, and instantly fell in love with their group. At this party, I met so many cool international students, both upper and underclassmen. I clicked with so many of the international students that I wanted to find a way to spend more time with them. BRIO was that solution.

From then on, I went to their weekly meetings, wanting to be more involved in their activities and possibly help out at their events. So, I applied and managed to be part of the Publicity Team of BRIO, which is the group that takes care of the organization’s exposure to the student body and administration. I was so happy to get this position because I love BRIO’s community and I wanted others to get to be involved in it as well.

One of the first tasks on our list was to publicize BRIOs event called the International Student Faculty Mixer (ISFM). This was an event where students invited their favorite faculty members to an informal talk with student body. Our main goal was to have international students get to know more of their professors outside of the classroom.

The event was awesome! Although not all the faculty we invited showed up, the ones who did were eager to speak to the students about things ranging from their research, hobbies, favorite books, and their thoughts on Providence. ISFM was a great experience overall and I would love to have more events like these throughout the year.

I will keep you posted on events that BRIO organizes!

Till next time,


If you have any more questions, comments, suggestions of what I should write about or just want to chat, feel free to message me at 


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