Hungry As a Bear: Double-Swiping!


Hi there Brunonians! My name is Michelle Zabat. I’m your friendly first-year foodie, originally from marvelous Michigan. If you’ve ever wondered what the dining scene is like at Brown University, look no further than Hungry As a Bear. I’m here to share the scoop on all things delicious both at Brown and around Providence. Dig in!

Living in Keeney Quad means I’m close to the Ratty, one of Brown’s main all-you-can-eat style dining halls. However, when my friends and I aren’t in the mood for Ratty food, we’re also very close to Josiah’s. Better known as Jo’s, this retail eatery is open from 6 PM-2 AM and is located in the Vartan Gregorian Quad. They have a grill station and made-to-order salad bar every night, a window that rotates between custom quesadillas and grilled cheese, and another rotating area that has breakfast sandwiches, dumplings, hummus platters, tacos, Jamba Juice smoothies, and more.

Usually, a meal credit will get you an entree–this would be a salad, a sandwich from the grill line, a quesadilla… you get the point. However, if you’re on the 20/week meal plan and have an extra meal swipe you didn’t use for breakfast or lunch that day (or if you’re on the flex plan and are feeling particularly adventurous), you can “double swipe” and have $14.10 to spend on dinner instead of the standard $7.05. Maybe it sounds unexciting, but for my friends and me this is an exciting occasion (what has college done to our standards for “exciting”…?) So without further ado, here are some of the best meal combinations I’ve come across on a double-swipe night at Jo’s.

1. Standard salads come with three “regular” toppings and one “premium” topping. However, if you’re craving an extra-loaded salad with your meal credits, pile on the toppings. You can even get a chicken patty from the grill line (spicy or not!) that they’ll chop up for you. Pair with a bag of chips or a delicious drink from one of the many coolers, and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious dinner.

2. If you’re not overly hungry, you can go with the route I usually take. I’ll order my standard one-credit-worth dinner, then grab some yogurt or cereal that I can store in my dorm for a later occasion. This way, even if you’re not hungry enough to eat two meal credits worth of food, you won’t lose a meal credit for the day (this applies to people on the 20/week plan)

3. Finally, I’ve never done this myself, but one of my guy friends will double swipe for two full entrees–most recently, he got himself a big bowl of salad and a giant quesadilla. I’m not quite sure how he managed to finish all of that in one sitting, but if you’re feeling ravenous then maybe this is the choice for you!

Hopefully you’ll pay Jo’s a visit soon and figure out what your favorite meal combinations are! Have a good day, and I’ll talk to you guys next week!


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