On the Brown Low: Improv Night!

improv jonesEver wonder what there is to do once you step off Brown’s campus? Curious about what Providence has to offer? On the Brown Low will be your faithful guide! Be sure to check in every week with us, Lily Hartmann and Brianna Lambert, to find out about the best spots around Providence and Rhode Island!

Hey everyone! Midterm season has officially begun, bringing with it sweet promises of studying until you feel like your brain is going to explode. Needless to say both Lily and I (Brianna if you forgot) have been really busy lately, so this week’s trip gave us a much needed break from schoolwork and campus. Since we both needed a few laughs (and I needed to entertain my friend who was visiting for the weekend) we decided that an improv show would be perfect for this week’s installment.

The show took place in the Black Box at 95 Empire in downtown Providence. 95 Empire is part of a larger organization, AS220, which is a community organization committed to providing space for all forms of art. There are a lot of different ways to get there from Brown (taking the RIPTA, walking, etc), but because it was raining outside and the RIPTA schedule didn’t work out very well with the start time of the show we took an Uber. Uber can sometimes be slow on weekends because of high demand, but we got really lucky and our car came a minute after I ordered it. The ride itself only took about five minutes so we got to the venue with plenty of time to spare.

We were greeted in the front area of Black Box by the players in the show, and they also sold us tickets (the show was very college student budget friendly at $5). The actual space was a simple, medium sized room that was – you guessed it – black. It was a pretty intimate set up with seats for about 30 people on a slightly raised area and the “stage” being the open floor directly in front of the audience. I actually loved the space because it was so simple and inviting.

I loved the show even more than I loved Black Box. The group that performed is called Improv Jones, and wow were they entertaining. They engaged with the audience from the very start of the show, getting the entire crowd to stand up and take part in a warm up exercise. Then they pulled two audience members up to the floor to participate in the first skit. They had the whole place laughing the entire time, including Lily, my friend Imara, and myself. The show ran for an hour, which is the perfect amount of time for an improv show – long enough to get in some good laughs, but not too long that things were unnecessarily drawn out.

Overall, we had a great time at the improv show. If you are ever need of a laugh, Improv Jones at the Black Box is the way to go!

Your over-caffeinated blogger,


Curious about something in Providence that we haven’t covered? Shoot either Brianna or me an email (lily_hartmann@brown.edu or brianna_lambert@brown.edu) and let us know what we should explore in our next post.



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