Students of Color Perspectives: UNO an exchange of perspectives


Hello! I’m Alexis Rodriguez and I will be your first-year blogger for Students of Color Perspectives. I blog my own experiences as a Chicano guy, and I’m super stoked to share what it means to be a student of color in a University named after a color!

At Brown, the intersection of cultures is best reflected in the time-honored tradition of UNO! In my weeks here at Brown, I have found that UNO attracts people from far and wide into a conversation on different cultures and perspectives. This discussion bridges the gaps in one’s cultural understanding of the world by bringing together people who have a unique perspective on it.

Once, while I was getting rekt #winning during UNO the question of “what do (insert ethnicity) people eat?” came up. The answers were interesting, and total generalizations so don’t take them too seriously.

 “I’m white, nothing good. My mom usually makes pasta.. pork I guess! We eat pizza on Friday.”

“In China we eat rice.. we eat alot of noodles, dumplings, variations of dumplings. I’ve tasted frogs legs… tried brains once or twice”

“I eat the same food as everybody else #diversity”

But that’s when things got interesting. This simple conversation about food, punctuated with the sounds of people yelling “UNO!”, morphed into a true cultural melting pot. We talked about everything, from sociology to biology and anything in between. We discussed female rights, linguistic theory, biological attraction and the infinite superiority of soccer over football.

We compared cultures, backgrounds and experiences, and that’s when it hit me: at Brown, culture isn’t a barrier – it’s an icebreaker.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to email me at!

Until next week,


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