Brown Threads: Welcome Class of 2018!

What’s good y’all!? My name is Deionté Appling, junior class of 2016 here at Brown, and I’m a music and psychology concentrator.  Alongside Sofia Kadieva, I write for the Brown Threads column for the Bruin Club Blog. Fun Facts: I sing in chorus, I’m an RPL in Wayland, and I love Robert Plant! Sofia is a junior Comparative Literature concentrator who costume designs virtually every play/musical and will one day dominate the world as THE leading fashionista! Brown Threads is the gateway to what every day fashion and style looks like around campus!

First and foremost, I would like to send a (tardy) congratulations to the class of 2018! You have made it one tiny step closer to being someone.  And for those who have their eyes on Brown for future times, I thought it would be a great idea to give you all a taste of what some freshmen look like around campus.

Typically, what we would feature would be just a few pictures of people who wanted to feature their personal style or sometimes when people catch my eye no matter how extravagant.  But for this post, I chose freshmen as both a shout-out to the dope new freshmen and also as a way to showcase and establish their fashion sensibilities as some of the youngest students on campus.

Today we will feature Katherine Chin ’18, Carol Medina ’18, and Nick Quah ’18! 



NIck Quah!!!

For those of you tickled by curiosity, would like to express your love for me, or simply want to chat about any and all things fashion, please feel free to email your questions or comments to and I’ll get back ‘atcha ASAP!

Fashion Is Rock and Roll, Which Is a Mixture of Hockey and Religion

-David Lee Roth.



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