Student Highlight: Sophia Gluskin-Braun ’17


Hello! My name is Monica Chin, and I’m a first-year student from Lakeville, Connecticut. I have not yet decided on a concentration, but am leaning towards English with a focus in nonfiction writing. Through this column, I will feature a different Brown student each week. I hope to give visitors to this blog a taste of the Brown community, and to give a slice of our talented, passionate, diverse student body! 

Sophia Gluskin-Braun laughs too loudly for too long. She enjoys every aspect of her Brown life, from environmental activism to engineering, poetry to politics, so much, that it’s hard for her not to.

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Concentration: Environmental Engineering

What classes are you taking this semester? Dynamics and Vibrations, Foundations of Biology, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Empowering Youth: Insights from Research on Urban Adolescents, Methods of Applied Mathematics

What extracurricular activities are you involved in? Brown Climate Action Forum, Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment, Spira Engineering Camp

Favorite class you’ve taken so far? Empowering Youth: Insights from Research on Urban Adolescents

Why did you choose Brown? I wanted a to go to a school that had a collaborative learning environment, a student body that cares about the world, and an academic environment where students are motivated less by grades and more by their passions.

Favorite thing about Brown? Learning from my peers.

If you could change one thing about Brown, what would it be? Increase financial aid.

Favorite study spot? Science Library rooms that have chalkboards.

Give a funny/weird/awkward/whatever story/anecdote from your Brown experience thus far. It’s 9am. I’m sitting in my Dynamics and Vibrations class, and the professor starts to lecture about friction. As a demonstration for this concept, the professor places a plate on a tablecloth at the desk in the front of the classroom. He then takes out a bottle of whiskey, pours himself a cup, and places it on the plate. He then yanks the tablecloth out from under the plate… and chugs the cup of whiskey.

Give one piece of advice for an incoming freshman. Don’t be afraid to give in to spending hours and hours on Banner exploring course options.

Favorite place to eat on Thayer? East Side Pockets

Know someone who belongs in this column? Think YOU deserve a student highlight? Send me an email at and we’ll make it happen!



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